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Is Your server down off ?

Hey I have internet connection its fine pages load But my colony is NOT loading for ONLINE game says A connection required jsut started last Night .
Probly have server issues If so Just iggy this ty
It loads ok for me. Do you have a firewall up? Sometimes connections get blocked there. @colbya
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NAA crywolf but it is working for what ever reason the gome would not go online for like 2 days but its happened befor on many different computers and DESK TOP version and chrome version .
BUT towards the end of the month BAST server gets low on data and at time this happens .

BAST informed ME of this him self .
I just posted this on the off chance it was a server issue of some kind thanks though
Wow you need autocorrect, and thank you for the info.
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LOL I get flamed on my typing spelling .
Here's my problem even spell check gives up . I type ( Mideko ) spell check says ( moron ???? )))
PS I named my dog it was a combination between Midnight and Mecko . Two dogs Both goin my family loved .
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