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New Ideas for the terraformation aspect of my colony - Page 3

Thanks! mc is pretty rigid when it comes to atmospherics. You get your planet past 5 mil and then you're terraformed, even if you deplete the atmosphere back to 0. I believe that the terraforming process should be a longer journey, especially for regions, and I believe that the penalties for not keeping your planet in the habitable zone should be catastrophic. I'm fully in support of bast doing bug fixing, and I'm excited about all the new features that he's adding, but I really think that mc could benefit from features like these. I should probably do another post to refine this idea since it's pretty outdated now.
I think at least a few of these ideas could be a good addition to the game. I feel like your suggestions are well thought-out and original, but complex and requiring a lot of changes to the game in some cases
Thanks, yes this topic is definately outdated as well. I'm currently working on an updated version of these ideas. Some of these ideas have been added to the game, others haven't, and there are also some that no longer apply to the game.
I like this suggestion! That would be a great way to add some more challenges to the game, and maybe there would be normal wind turbines for every map? Like a new research for advanced power production instead of advanced solar production.
I think lava world like map can be the penality for too-much atmo
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