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Deadicated Wam

I would like to start this with I am not a programmer, yada yada (basically anything I say means jack).
With the multiplayer servers why not make it where when no one is online the server kinda goes offline and stops sending data. Then when someone wants to join it pings the server and "wakes" it up. This would save bandwidth & data for the server owner. This would also stop massive afking.
Wowza, a simi modder and an idiot? crazy
I could leave it up to the server owner. If it's a dedicated server, it really wouldn't use much bandwidth if nobody was connected, and would allow colonies to still trade with other servers, if such a feature was in the game..
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Like Bast said, when no one is online the server wouldn't send much data anyway. Plus if the server is off, it could cause longer loading times if your unable to "ping" the server.
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