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Unemployment+Buildings Not Working

I'm using Native Client on Windows with Build v0.46.0.

There's no real steps to replicate this as it just happens.

Bug 1:
Many times I click on a building's worker list and find less people working there then listed.

Example: A building listed as 40/40 workers when clicked will only show 3/40 workers and the listed number is updated.

This is quite annoying and hurts production. I can't find a real fix as I have enough unemployed people to fill in all the jobs. Sometimes the employee list will have some people listed as "Unemployed" even though they're on an employee list.

Bug 2:
At random almost all of the production buildings stopped working properly even though they had workers and 100% condition. The buildings produce much slower then they're supposed to or not producing at all. Clicking on the employee list will fix it temporarily, but they can still glitch again. This only fixes individual buildings and this a massive issue for larger colonies who have a lot of these buildings.

This bug can also be combined with Bug 1 above, meaning a building not working could have you click on the worker list and find the building not having the amount of workers as listed.

Edit: Apparently this has been happening to at least a few people. I would like to point out that this can be considered game breaking as these can top production of vital colony resources(Food and water) and can lead to a colony failing.
Same here
My ore refinery's stopped working and the increase, decrease function for supplies is supper lagging
Same. It's annoying to have to re-activate buildings frequently. After this new update, all my buildings shutdown and I very quickly had to scramble to get food and water back to keep the population alive. All my other resource production is suffering now. It's not worth playing if this continues because it's not fun to re-activate building production.

edit: playing on PC. Also, buildings de-activate quickly now. Previously you could re-activate them and not worry.
Samsung S8 - Android - Version .46
I am having same issue, have 46 or so food sweat shops for example, only producing 4k when literally 30 minutes before was producing 400k, I had them filled up when it happened, did a fire drill and now have after 10 minutes 18% open jobs with far more than enough people and only producing 18k food
Win 10 Native App 0.46.0
Since last update I'm struggling with food production that inexplicably fell down despite a lot of cuntermeasures I put on for about 10 play hours, such as increasing food production buildings, fire drills, changes of salary policies, donations, lottery and so on. I also noticed that workers in the list is different with the number shown by clicking on the building, sometimes just 1 or 2 are listed instead of 30 or 100. This happens to every kind of building though: production of almost every resource is no more effective.
Moreover, many days ago I started a process of reducing atmosphere production, first by using Alien Condensers, then by introducing the new Atmosphere Scrubber. Starting from 190M level I've reached the 15M goal today, therefore I deactivated all those buildings to see what would happen in order to balance the level under 15M but Atmosphere level keeps decreasing and water production keeps going on, like the buildings were still active.
Unemployment level doesn't go under 34% despite there are a lot of free workplaces.
I am now having volonist get sick even though I have 30+ hospitals and they are all filled 90 people +, pretty much any building requiring a person is functioning at 5% max of their capapbility and vacant jobs flucuates from 24% to 18% but never lower then 18% even though I have the people to fill those positions, plus my average age of employies dripped from 25 to 0 even though I dont own any clowning stations, only using space elevator
Well Good thing not owning and ((( clowning station )))
But still looks like something is funny ?
Own any Mime Stations They may be the issue .
LOL I make many typos why cant mine come out like this lol /
Sorry for ling waited reply but I have had zero mines and I had it working during latest update for a few days and then started all over again and my vacant jobs dropped to 15% did a fire drill and sat at 15% for a few jours and now dropped to 85%
I'm not seeing the hospital issue but I've been seeing the precise same thing as the OP happen since .44, on Win10 Native Client, and I started a brand new colony on .47 as I thought maybe something was corrupted in my old 65K population colony. Less than 6K population, and my buildings are all starting to show this bug. I can't seem to attach screen shots in this forum, but the original post describes the issue I'm seeing precisely.

I'll add another detail that I just noticed. Several times now when I've clicked on the worker details, I've seen workers reportedly working at another building. For instance, I click on an Advanced Ore Refinery that isn't producing any steel. I see 6/6 workers. I click to see who the workers are (maybe they are protesting?). I have 1 unemployed, 1 sleeping and 1 working at my Microchip factory. I clicked a microchip factory showing 26/26 and see only 4 of the same-named person all unemployed. I close out, click the factory again and it says 4/26 workers. I click to check details, and there are 26 people listed, many of them repeats, all unemployed.

My approval rating is 83%, health 95%, and I haven't found anyone protesting (but I don't see how to get that list since we went to the new statistics interface, so there could be mass protests, I guess). I have colonist rendering turned off, and went with a permanent daytime setting. I'm on a mega-sized asteroid map with normal resource levels.

I have plenty of resources across the board. Lots of ore for the refineries, all pieces needed for microchips, etc. It is all production buildings seeing this though. Hydroponics labs, hatcheries, oil refineries, etc.

As I've tried to dig in, I noticed that for awhile, I had more jobs filled than I had population. I tried to remedy that with more landing pads and cloning facilities, and while I now have a population that properly corresponds to the 3% unemployment statistics shows, there is still an almost total lack of production going on.

This is an LIS colony. I will start a new Zolarg colony and see if I encounter similar behavior if I can get the time. The patience to get a Zolarg colony to a fun level is more than I am probably going to have today, though :-(.

Right now, this makes the game basically unplayable. If there is something I can try or info I can provide tell me what it is and I'll do it as I can.


EDIT: I closed out of the game and re-opened it, and left it running for a little while. It looks like most of my production has restarted, but now I'm seeing that I have a population of 6346 and 0% unemployment with a number of jobs filled at 6408. I've got 0 Illegal Immigrants, so I'm not sure how I've got more jobs filled than citizens, since I didn't think they could take out 2 jobs simultaneously.
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