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Mc2 - My take on the Lore, and how this will affect gameplay.

The fact is that the game seems to be getting pretty close to a pre-alpha phase, and I want to make some things clearer in my mind.
How much will the lore(mainly written by @GeneralWadaling - amazing writer btw) be involved inside the gameplay? I know that many people play the game because it's fun, not for the story aspect(at least not for the story of Mc1, which is woeful at best), mainly due to the lack of an overarching and easily accusable story. I think that for the game to be amazing, we'll need either a hard lean into the story,(i.e.... making most of the game about the early development of UE around mars, which could rob the game of the ability to be easily modded) or about gameplay(essentially mainly losing the canon and making new mechanics as it goes.)
I think there could be a very good middlegroud though. It'll be hard to balance, but if proportioned properly, Mc2 could be better than Mc1, and I don't say that lightly.
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Anything final is up to Bastecklein.
And as I usually say, the lores I've written are NOT CANON (the nature of my fan lores are just some my-own-version-additions, variants based on existing ones) so not to too-largely-and-negatively impact the actual gameplay or contents of the games. Either I'll mark it with fan lores tag or attach a warning regarding the contents.
Especially when many things are not set, it's neither a good time nor a good thing setting restrictions onto the plans.

And personally I think it's a good point leaving space for players' own imagination filling the gaps in the lores. Not everything must be defined officially, at the same time it is a story able fitting into the genre and the gameplay.
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Ok, so my take on this is that I prefer to flesh out the lore in either spin-off games or in places like the wiki on the My Colony Universe website. I think that most players are going to prefer to just have a good simulator, honestly. But then for the few who want more, people like us who are involved in the forums, putting a lot of hours into the game, etc, there is more available for those who want it.
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