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Considering in-game Mod Shop

Wondering what players or potential modders think about eventually setting up an in-game mod store where players can more easily download and install mods?

My thinking is that you would always be able to just distribute your mods any way you wish, but you could also upload them to the My Colony server where they will be downloadable in-game. I could also give the modders the chance to charge a price for their mod if they wanted to, and they would get a monthly lump-payment from their mod sales (minus various app store transaction fees and a small Ape Apps cut).

Anyway, it could be a way to generate a little more revenue for the game, plus allow mod creators an easy way to get paid for their mods if they wanted to. Again, it would all be optional, and a mod creator could still distribute their mod using any means they wanted to. I was just thinking that if a mod creator put in tons of time and made some giant total conversion of the game, they might want to make a few bucks on it.
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So like a way for people to search through a collection of mods?
If this forum isn't active, then ill make it active!
Yeah, like mod creator could submit them to the shop, users can see them, read a description, maybe see some screenshots, leave reviews, etc
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I think its a great idea, prob wont sell anything on it but would be cool to have an organized set of mods that could be searched
If this forum isn't active, then ill make it active!
The idea is nice, but:

(if i click on "list", the post will be "submit" instead to insert the list code)

- The shop should have some moderator/file acceptance, for avoid broken or cheating (es: making 1'000'000 steel instead to 5).

- Beta tester should be necessaries

- Once the file is approved, it should be checked regularly to avoid conflicts with future versions of the game.
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