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[Suggestion] Buildings that must be built in specific biome?

Hello guys!

Just an idea that can kind of simulate "underground deposits" that was suggested during the planning phase of the development. What if some of the buildings must be built in specific biomes?

This might make the game a bit more challenging, I guess. For example, gold mines must be built in gold field biome, as the way that you can get a steady inflow of gold without building the more expensive gold synthesis lab.

Implementing this would need some extra considerations, however. One of the main issue I'm thinking of is that some biome does not alter ground color that makes them impossible to indicate if there is no relevant terrain objects around. We'll need a way to indicate the specific biome when building these biome-specific buildings.

Hopefully that sounds like a good idea.
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Ok dude yes that does sound like a good idea, maybe there would be an oil deposit biome that you could build an oil pump in
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
There can be hints in the dirt that there is a resource under ground, like if there are underground gold deposits, there can be a few gold colored "flakes" in the dirt, letting the player know they can build a mine or drill in that location
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