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Logistics Station Update and Wasteland Rovers

Me and @Sobeirannovaocc have talked on Discord about the way that the Logistics station works and we came to the conclusion that it does need a rework, so here is our idea:

Logistics stations need to be connected with roads to work.

This can also enable a possibility of having 2 or more resource pools without them intersecting.
But, I hear you ask, "How the bloody hell am I supposed to build roads, if my colonies are apart like thousands of tiles!?"
Well, here's another idea of mine. Wasteland Rovers! Those would be the only bots that can build stuff outside of your colony. For example, roads!
Of course it wouldn't be able to build anything a normal rover would. For example, no Ore refineries. But something like a light post, for example.
And roads.

So, with those two, you can have infinite resource pool reach, that you do control. Fixed a problem that many people ran into, and fixed a problem you didn't even know that you needed to fix!

Also there could be a building that exchanges resources with a colony of not-your-ownership. Maybe just connect a road to an already existing road, that connects to someone else's Logistics station. And then you can access your station to send him stuff.

That's our ideas. Add them or else!
(JK. Love you Bast!)
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
Well summed up, cakedon !

Just to add on my personal experience : I have a main settlement, without aluminium in a 400 tile radius (Logistics' station radius) because I created it in an earlier version.
I found aluminium but this ''aluminium settlement'' is more than 400 tiles away, which makes it not connected to my main settlement.
I basically have to start all over (except research) in that settlement, and my main settlement will never have alu.
I even tried putting outposts with a logistics station in them, so that the main connects to the outpost which connects to the alu settlement, but since we can't move resources it didn't work (didn't ''extend'' main settlement's range).

Also, it will be more realistic to have this road system ! I believe a train system was once proposed by Vince during the planning last year.
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This idea seems reasonable and shouldn't be too hard to add. Maybe I don't need a special wasteland rover though, just simply make it so that roads can be constructed outside of settlements, and do not expand settlement radius.

The only pitfall is that existing players with a logistics station network will find that they all quit working when the update hits.
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We don't have the ''new version'' popup (with brief patch notes ) anymore, do we ? In which case the popup could say that the way logistic stations work has changed.
Otherwise just change the description of the logistics station to include that 2 LS have to be linked by road.

Another point is the resources for construction. 2 solutions :
- the resources are taken from the nearest settlement (that actually has the needed material)
- the resources are taken from the settlement the rover was created in (rover always linked to its settlement of origin )
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Admin of the MC2 translation project
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