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Newest version please check game faikes to save stuck in loading restore from back up .

Been a long time i hope you still check the forms.
Chrome and native . start a new region build save city save exit game . every time new region fails to load game aaying restoring from back up . so the game faikes to save correctly and back up fails to reload the new region .
Ps bewest version . game can inlt be pkayed untill clised then a new region must ve made as the one i just nade failes to load every time .
Thanks for your time .
please write that again, veeery slooowly.
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
lol @itsLiseczeq

So are you saying you can't create region games anymore?
Owner of Ape Apps
excause my typing . was posting from phone and i am delxic .
yes Bast the game failes to save regions . I can start a region fine and untill i save and close the game plays fine
BUT once the city is saved then the region is saved and you exit the game when you try to load the region the game says restoring from back up . and just never loads .
well maybe saving and exiting more offton will solve the problem ?
I do play for hours before exiting the game . but this just strted happing in the last week or so .
ill save exit more offton .
looks like the game has to much data by playing for hours to save correctly when exiting the game .
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