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Fundamental modding change coming in v0.18.0

The soon-to-be-released v0.18.0 update for My Colony 2 will be bringing a couple of fundamental changes that modders will need to be aware of, but ones that will make the modding situation for the game a bit better overall.

Previously and currently, both Structures and Units have properties saying what they can build. For instance, a Rover object says it can build a Solar Panel or a Greenhouse, while a Construction Yard says that it can build a Builder Bot or an Ore Miner. This is the way things have been set up since the original My Colony was released in 2016, but I am preparing to depreciate this relationship starting in v0.18.0 of MC2 and moving forward.

From here on, the new preferred way to specify what gets built and where is about the opposite of how it is currently handled. Now, Structures and Units themselves must specify where they are built. For instance, the Greenhouse object will now have to say that it is built by the Rover and the Builder Bot, and the Builder Bot must say that it is built by the Construction Yard.

This is how I should have done it from the beginning, but if you are wondering the reason for the change it is this. Prior, say you wanted to add a new unit to the game. You would have to create the unit object, and then modify the Construction Yard or other building to tell it that it can build the new unit. Furthermore, if the game is updated and the Construction Yard gets new features, the new revision of the Construction Yard will over ride the modded version with the lower version number. With the new system, the new unit itself specifies where it is built, and so you don't even have to mess with the Construction Yard in order to add it to the game.

Moving on, I am going to be making it easier to package mod files up. Right now you basically have to export the entire game data in order to make a mod that contains multiple items. Going forward, you will be able to select which items to package into a mod and export only those bundled items.

Finally, after I publish v0.18.0, I am going to but together an online Mod Shop website where you can easily upload mods, receive feedback, and publish updates. Then in v0.19.0, this online Mod Shop will be tied into the game itself, and so users will be able to easily find and download mods, rate and review them, and can receive automatic mod updates when the author posts a new release or update.

So anyway, those are some of the changes coming soon to MC2 modding. I think that between making the game easier to package mods and easier for users to find/download/auto update mods, the whole modding experience for MC2 should be improving considerably over the coming weeks and months!
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