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Can't find LIS for a Mars colony?

Hello. I want to start a new Mars colony, but I'm unable to find the League of Independent States. I want to find it and use it for my Mars colony, because I want to be able to make my colony separated and independent, and then start my own charter. The problem is that all Mars charters are related to United Earth, and the charters that are related to LIS, are not Mars charters and I can't start a Mars colony if I use them.

Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?
UPDATE: I tried to start a Mars colony using LIS in the Offline game option. I didn't find Mars there. Is Mars still available, or it the planet removed from the game?
LIS doesn’t have access to mars world, only water world, Ice world, asteroid, and abandoned

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You can go independent with all civilizations. LIS can't make bases on Red planets.
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josip0101v said:you can start mars planet under someones charter.
they can set you free from the start, so you would be independent

So, I need to use a custom charter, not the chartes available in the list when i try to start a new colony. Where can i find a custom charter code?
itsLiseczeq said:You can go independent with all civilizations. LIS can't make bases on Red planets.

If I use United Earth charter, will i be able to make my colony independent and create my own charter?

As far as I remember, you can't make your colony independent if you use United Earth. The only way to make it independent is to use LIS charter. This was in the past when I played the game. So, things are now different?
You can make the United earth colonies independent

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