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Colony Wars Updated to v0.13.0

Tody comes a new update to Colony Wars, bringing the game version up to v0.13.0. Besides bug fixes, this update adds some new settings to the new match screen.

We are now able to customize some of the gameplay parameters when starting a new match. You can adjust the amount of starting money, adjust the tech level, and there is now a toggle for Quick Match.

The starting money option is obvious. For the tech level, it is loosely based off of the tech levels from the original Red Alert, and the chart I used for reference is here:

Quick Match should be a welcome addition to all. When Quick Match is enabled, a player will be defeated once his last building is destroyed, so you no longer need to scour the map for all of the AI's hidden units.

I have been in an RTS mood lately, so I may do some more Colony Wars updates. Let me know what other game setup options you would like to see in the future. United Earth could also use a few more units and structures, and then after that I think I am ready to start implementing the LIS faction.

So there is the update, check it out, let me know what you think, and stay tuned for more!

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