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What do you do when your so big that your CPU can't even handle it anymore?

So, I build over 100 buildings a day easily and iv'e already expanded over 5 time but is there a way that I can grow even bigger without so much lag iv'e got every thing on minimal to save CPU on the core game but it isn't helping anymore and it is almost impossible to play the game because the frame rate it is only comparable to a slide show on physics for a collage class that takes half the year to finish. Furthermore, i like this game iv'e been playing this game since May 26th of this year and that feels like a long time ago, but if anyone knows a good way to reduce lag more than just changing the engine settings to the optimal state for my CPU.
get more effective
Its me Lego.
Buy a new PC and complain about the speed here. :)
I can't play my main map anymore.
Start new smaller sub colonies and play them in turns.
There is a limit to CPU end of story .
I am sure bast is working on a quantum pc as we message .
Turn off the lights, leave the room and dont look back
i wish i could but how am i going to wast my time and show up people.
what is your CPU? and MB? does task manager shows 1 core driven to almost 100%?
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