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Ant Paste

So, im playing as a human colony, and i unlocked the Xenomaterials Research. I cant find the stuff to make it, so where do i find it?
Ant paste is made by the Zolarg race
Jclark6544 said:Ant paste is made by the Zolarg race
so i cant get it as human? so how would i get antanium
You have to buy Ant Paste on the GBT or import it on the space elevator.

Or as an alternative, start a Zolarg colony and annex it to your human colony and you can import it cheaply that way. You would need to play the Zolarg colony long enough to get communications tech for the building needed to do that.
1. Xenomaterials doesn't unlocks something to produce ant paste, you can build the advanced textile mills, who use ant paste during operation. Nobody is selling bug amounts of ant paste on the gbt.We have some ppl who do it if you ask(like me). The best way is to make it with a own Zolarg colony.
Its me Lego.
but can you send more than 2.5k paste at once to your main colony?
If you have access to the market you can just sell it to yourself. Also, if you make requests near the market value they just might get fulfilled.
I got a gift of antpaist what can I get with it (I’m United Earth)
you can use it in synthetic textile mill
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