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Introducing the Imperial Trade Representative

Due to recent abuse of the GBT, the evil Galactic Emperor has just hired a new henchman Imperial Trade Representative to oversee all trading conducted on the GBT. The Trade Representative is monitoring all trades and will reject any offers posted that fall too far outside of the current market average price. He is also rejecting all trades posted in lots larger than 50,000 units, as the Galactic Freight company is unable to transport goods in such large quantities. Trade violations will be tracked per colony, and colonies with an excessive number of violations within a given period will be banned from the GBT altogether.

It saddens the evil emperor to have to take time out of his busy golf schedule to impose controls on the GBT. Even though he is evil to the core, he prefers a free market approach, but too much abuse has forced his hand, and it seems that an online economy requires a stable and (sadly) regulated market.
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Don't know if you knew but it looks like the federations are planning out their own securities exchange commission (SEC) to try and regulate the prices as well so newer players can have a chance to gain some resources from the gbt as well. But I fear we may start seeing spam trades of multiple transactions at 50k units now.
This post was useful and funny, you should change your username to the galactic emperor.
The idea is to control the trades from our Federation members making sure they post fair trades and don't use the gbt as storage. Basically what the imperial trade representative does.
50k? The only time I made a trade that small was when I'd just built the GBT.
I assumed the prices would be moderated.

Sorry for putting this harshly, but for a large colony, trades going into tens of millions, and even billions are not just useful, but nescessary. Without the ability to do that, the GBT will be obsolete, especially as gifts now have a really large limit.
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I think Lord of Galaxy has a point. I don't have a particularly large colony and I like selling 1 million aluminium at a time, if not more. Having to sell it in 50k lots would make me feel like a spammer :(

Edit will it be considered spamming if I post a lot of trades for 50,000 units at the average market price?
50k is like nothing. bigger colonies produce million of resources per minute, and reducing the amount of resources to such a low limit will cause a lot of spam.
controlled prices: that had to come
controlled amounts of resources: don't see the sent behind it
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Can't we just have a set limit of trades per player and a time limit on posted trades....

Each player Can only have 5 trades active at a time and it can only be posted for 3 days, after that it is returned to you with a small civic charge. Could maybe allow an auto repost option if one sells.

I would also set a resource cap based on a "level" of some type.. Rather then allowing someone to build a farm world and only put green houses in it (or insert resource), they would be limited on how much of any given resource the can produce/store till they get X amount of xp.
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A cap on the amount of trades per colony would not work. Lot sizes would be in the millions and tens of millions. Nobody would be able to buy anything except for the huge colonies who would just be trading resources among themselves.

The cap of 50,000 is required until the majority of players are on v0.50.0 of My Colony which is not even done yet. There is an exploit in the API allowing trades to be auto-purchased in bulk via script, but I cannot completely patch it without cutting off everybody else's access to the GBT. You can thank one of your peers here for ruining this for everybody else. If I'm not mistaken, the guy taking the heaviest advantage of it hangs out on your 'FFF' discord channel.

You can spam trades if you wish but the new version of the client it going to make spamming very tedious and annoying to do, plus posting a bunch of trades in rapid succession will probably cause the GBT to put a hold on your account for review.

Anyway, the GBT API has been under daily attack now for the last 3 days, so something had to be done. Believe me I would have much rather not had to do anything at all.
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I'm not part of the 'FFF' but I can't understand how they cannot kick him.
I thank you for doing something against it.
But what is bad if small colonies trade their smaller amounts of resources, and the big trade their bigger amounts. Maybe you could add particular filling now.
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