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i do notice the building decay faster too. Higher price to repair all compare to previous version.
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Repair prices are determined by the market value of the resources needed to build it. Faster decay of buildings is to go against idling and running for hours without actually playing
Started a new colony. Got a gift of 50k alum. Decayed in 10seconds to 0 cos no storage for that. Kinda sad I m spending more time on forum looking for comments than actually playing.
Ouch that hurts. This decay makes helping others a bit more difficult. You have to take in account the storage cap of the other.
bastecklein said:Here is the list. actually didn't realize United Earth and Zolarg Empire were part of that 32, so its actually 30.

Where is dadoftheyear, i have 1,100,000
@bastecklein you know, I get the idea. The tax was necessary, as was resource decay. A simple heads up about resource decay would have been nice though. They way you did it just feels like a big F U.
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Well sorry you feel that way, but it's not an F U. What would a heads up have done? People would have just unloaded everything through gifting or taken other steps to get around it.

The Decay was necessary because the game was re-balanced with the new storage limits, and players having resources way above the limits creates an extremely unfair balance versus new players who were never able to amass anything.

You can't just change a core mechanic and let old players have one advantage not afforded to new players. Yes there are a handful of players who were "screwed" out of resources and money and for that I'm sorry, but the number is relatively small. For the vast majority, these changes are a positive.

I have said it many times here and elsewhere, this game is in development and everything is subject to change. New changes are made with new players in mind, focusing on the experience of starting a new colony from scratch and working towards the future of the game, not the past. This is the reason the app store description and even inside the game itself say that this game is a beta and in development. There are many, many games out there that are mature releases where you do not have to worry about big changes. For example, Antiquitas. But My Colony gets frequent updates and the idea of the game is still evolving and absolutely everything is on the table for change.

As for the complaints about the 50k trade limit, I have said several times here now that the limit is only there until I am able to shut off online access to older versions of the game. It is a temporary limit.
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Yeah would of been nice to know ahead of time had mined all the uranium on this colony then it all got taken away when I logged in now I have no resources. X.x oh wells. Guess Ill start all over with that one.
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This very clearly is overkill. When I first read what you were going to do I already knew plenty of the larger colonies would be destroyed because they are based of the older system. Bast asked above what we do with our millions of resources lying around? The answer is simple: We use them to help out our allies, colonies, and fellow Federation members. They're not always used in the GBT to farm money. This is going to hurt the smaller colonies more then the older players. We will be extremely limited into what kind of support we can send and they will be limited as to how much they can hold. many smaller colonies will also fail.

The GBT needed fixed, but the "Windfall Tax" was the wrong way to go. I agree with the new storages but not the new decay rates. I think all warehouses need a stat buff with how much they can store. The Investment Banks need restored. Those were THE prime way to get money and it's been nerfed beyond being worthwhile anymore. With the nerf payrolls for many medium and large colonies are now impossible. You need to either restore the investment banks or lower their build costs drastically because for their build expenses and build times their reward is no longer anywhere even remotely close to being worth building. Again, overkill.

All in all I see the good intentions behind this update but it's overshadowed by the complete and utter overreaction to the issue. The amount of action that was taken was hundreds of times more severe then what was needed and it hurt the game for everybody. More so it would have gone better to take greater action later on if needed instead of dropping the bombs all at once on everyone.
What storage? Bast, what storage facilities hold gold? I have 20 steel yards, 25 warehouse and 15 gold refineries. I can store a maximum of 75,000 gold. Now, if I deactivate a refinery, my gold storage drops to 70,000. Okay, so a refinery hold 5000 gold. Steel yards and warehouses hold nothing. I need to employ 60 people to hold 75,000 gold? Really?

What holds aluminum? Uranium? Clay?
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