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In-Game Federations - Page 2

#11 2017-11-22 23:04:52
nunez499 said:
bkudaimi said:I like the nunez's idea, but I think requests should be made and accepted in-game, rather than on the ape apps website. Number three is too hard on the dev since almost anyone can create a federation. The website would be flooded with subforums.

The idea is to be able manage the Fed outside the game as well.

By doing everything in the game, a level of simplicity can be achieved. It would be easier and more convenient if the option to join federations was available via the capitol building.
#12 2017-11-22 23:07:43
Thats why we present 3 solutions.
#13 2017-11-22 23:10:40
nunez499 said:Thats why we present 3 solutions.

I thought they where all part of 1 solution
#14 2017-11-22 23:16:06
We present a general idea and 3 ways to implement it.
1. Everything in game with a special building, not the Capitol but similar.
2. Members apply to the fed outside the game, everything being linked with the apewebbaccount (same as the forum account) and leaders get the requests in a special inbox here.
3. Only the leaders have a special section here for the federation, the rest is done in the game. So that's a combination of 1 and 2.
#15 2017-11-22 23:16:23
Maybe federations can free dependent colonies (by paying the required amount) in exchange for service to the Federation for a given period of time. In that time you must pay tribute to the federation.
#16 2017-11-22 23:18:25
I like number 1, it sounds like the option bast would pick.
#17 2017-11-22 23:22:49
what would the special building look like?
#18 2017-11-22 23:42:22
I have ideas.

A federation is a group of CW's. Each commonwealth can join ONLY if the leader has a congress hall. You can create a federation with like 100,000,000 civics and a congress hall. You can manage your federation from your congress hall. Leaders of commonwealths talk to Leaders of commonwealths, but if one colony in a commonwealth in a federation has a congress hall and is not the leader, he/she can see the conversations.

There is also Federative Research.

It will add a POINT to joining a Federation. The leader can gather federative research over time depending on how many CW's there are. With this, all the colonies in the commonwealths in the federation can use federative reaserch if they have a congress hall. With this, they can unlock many amazing new technologies. (Federative Techs)

There could also be a building.
Federative Research Lab
Must be leader of federation.
With this, you can see all the federative reaseach your federation has gathered.

Cost like
500,000,000 civics
100,000,000 ore
150,000,000 gold
50,000,000 steel
1,500,000,000 microchip
100,000 al
10 ur
150,000 tetr
100,000,000 plastic
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
#19 2017-11-22 23:49:29
bkudaimi said:what would the special building look like?

Maybe something like the Senate buildings in Antiquitas
#20 2017-11-23 01:57:22
My thoughts on Nunez's well thought out ideas from FFF:
- intial description of a federation: I like that it is defined as only CW's join, keeps things simpler with management as too many single colonies could clog things up. Having a CW(s) for new players joining would help with keeping things clean.
- The benefits listed would work, especially as it is an expanded idea of a CW and what you can do there.
- the solutions: I like the idea of 3 as soon it will be required anyway to have a login with apeapps so expanding its use, especially for federations could be used. I think most functions should only be in-game but things like voting should be done thru the website. Requests to join could be both in-game and thru the website but only if Bast is able to make them fully sync so there isn't unnecessary duplication or glitches due to differing decisions by more than one officer. Another thing the website could be used for is conversations between members and/or the ones in charge.

I would suggest having two buildings for federations for government functions. A building that is for the ruling CW(s) and a building for member CW's much like we have a building for independent colonies and one for dependent ones.

Embassies could be used for both CW's and federations as the function would essentially be the same just at different levels so little coding may need to be done to allow them to work in either case.
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