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Gas Planets

These worlds are made out of gas so if there is no platform on top, whatever is on it sinks in to the void. BONK!
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like jupiter where you will need to built some platforme where you can built on
like in a old topic spatial station
Gas planets have a physical core but the majority of the planet is really thick gases so instead it would be more like the lava world except a bit easier
I like this idea. Instead of a lander you have a space station which can be expanded by extracting heavy amount of gas from the atmosphere and condensing it, obtaining some metals and a bunch of helium three. The atmosphere is basically 3 trillion, lol. And once you are able to get rid of the atmosphere you have access to extremely rare ores that aren't found anywhere else in the universe, such as liquid and solid hydrogen, both stable in earthlike atmospheres.

Go away.
jupiter difficulty:
istand dead
Damage also would need to accumulate on buildings and rovers would have a finite life. Like how on Venus the ship that was used got crushed almost instantly. Also the platform would probably need a massive amount of fuel to maintain itself. Probably that h3 Possibly also could make it so there would be simple storage units where speccific types of materials, like maybe triantium three, can be created by simply storing a less condensed version, like antium, until they are the new substance, almost like garbage in dumps. Just some random ideas that popped up when I read this one. Very cool by the way.
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