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Unable to connect to server

Eversince the update where you need to be connected to the internet to play online colonies the game returns to the title screen when I load my save file. A message appears saying it was "unable to connect to the My Colony server". This mesaage appears shortly after another message thats says my colony is being taxed by something to the power of 22 (I made this amount of money through the in-game lottery months ago). Has anyone gone through the same?
Im having the same issue when I try to load up my colony. Every time it says it can't connect to the server and takes me to the menu screen.
Same here! Please fix this!
Same here...
Only happens on my main tho. All my other colonies are intact
I just recently started getting this error. I was playing the game at one moment but then 5 minutes later I loaded up the game and it told me it couldn’t connect to servers.
ill be darn I thought it was my immanagation lol
I'll check the server. I hope it isn't getting throttled for bandwidth.
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i had the same problem too now i can't access my colony :( also i need to get it to local again i don't want to restart shit please help
I can't login from pc. Keeps saying cannot connect to login server
bastecklein said:I'll check the server. I hope it isn't getting throttled for bandwidth.

Did you find anything?
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