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Can someone please explain just how this works? Homelessness is, well... homelessness - self explanatory. Poverty being the essential food and water, health is dependant on if hospitals are available to the colonists and if your atmosphere is over 15m. Unemployment again is self explanatory and fatigue is something you get if your workers have to walk more than 20 tiles from their housing. Depression I guess relates to either how much money you pay your colonists or colonist deaths or both.

With that in mind, I have no homelessness, poverty, depression, health problems and fatigue shouldn't be a problem based on my layouts for walking distances due to my arcologies. So why is it that my approval ratings INSTANTLY goes from 100% to 60% every hour or two, which causes colonists to leave jobs, which causes more unemployment. Granted the unemployment is very small, but it is consistently dropping from very high percentages to very low percentages on a whim and I can't tell why. Trash is low as well.
I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, what I'm supposed to do to fix this and keep it more consistent. So based on my description of my understanding of approval ratings, would you say that is accurate? Am I missing some fundamental function of the game and that's why the approval rating cuts in half almost instantly? I'm asking you guys this because I just don't know anymore, my last base was ruined because of this. All arcology buildings so entertainment isn't a problem, all the workers don't need to walk far either. So What gives? Why did that colony suddenly decide that each other were more tasty than the food they were supposed to be producing?

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If you can show a screenshot of your resources and policy I can help you more but all I've got for you is that maybe your trying too hard.
lord I finly got tired of this my self ( what happens is when you bring in new colonists it drops like a rock or when you delete a building again it drops like a rock )
also any colonists in school is counted as unemployed at low lvs again it drops like a rock mine looked jsut like yours .
But now I am closer toa finished colony so I killed them all off and let 7900 new ones come in and guess what 98 % stable no more up and down only complant poverty so i give them money .
The education update nerfed ratings for new colonys .

to many changes to fast so colonists start getting made much faster .
There is way to much effect on ratings way to easy and adding education shows this effect .
A finished colony will have no problems but the prosses of building one my colony when from 87 % to 66 to 89 to 60 up and down .

I've got that problem atm.. There complaining about fatigue but work load has been on light for about two payrolls now...
The other is homeless, but no one is homeless...
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I have a smaller colony of 1500.i annexed land and let my resources hit current caps. Then I built with purposed zones so large colony count buildings were right next to large housing units. Mathematically I made sure that the counts were perfect, then added schools 1 of each variety, multiple entertainment facilities, lastly clinics and appropriate housing to fill them. I leave some unskilled buildings to fill slots of uneducated. I was cruising at 100 % approval for about a week on light work policy,with average iq at 98.Last night it's suddenly dropped to 25% approval ratting. Main concerns are health and fatigue and depression, but hospitals are not in use and entertainment is not in use.

Don't know :/

Edit: I also killed off the population to zero, then filled them back in housing /building at a time to ensure they filled properly.
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