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My Colony v0.57.0 Released

Good afternoon everybody, it's time for your weekly My Colony update! Today's release should be arriving soon on all platforms. Here's what's new.

My Colony v0.57.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Occupation: Brewmaster
  • New Structures: Charcoal Converter, Brewmasters Den, Council of Arbiters, Real News Station
  • New Unit: Crude Extractor
  • New ad-free Content: Hardened Pavement Lit, Pillar of Light
This time I didn't make any engine changes beyond cleaning up a list of bugs that have been piling up since the last few releases. I want to start getting everything in the engine cleaned up before I begin development on Colony Wars sometime next month.

In terms of content, Humans get a new Alien Tech ore generating structure (Charcoal Converter) which is superior to the Ore Fracking Operation and should come in handy on the Forest Map. There is also a new version of the Hardened Pavement with a street light attached.

The rest of the content in this release goes to the Reptilians. They now have the ability to harvest Oil which allows them to also begin creating Rum. Rum then leads to their ability to grow Synthetic Crystalline. In addition, there is now a Reptilian version of the level 1 Consulate, the Council of Arbiters. Finally as sort of a joke, every evil Reptilian race needs it's own official government propaganda network, so you can now tap into the galactic Reptilian News Network which helps you build up Civics while inundating your people with 24/7 Fake News.

With the new civics generating structures I have no doubt that players will be ready to declare independence as Reptilians soon, so the Reptilian capitol will be arriving on the next update, bringing Reptilian commonwealths online for users who enjoy online multiplayer. The Reptilian version of the GBT will probably be arriving next update as well.

That's all for today folks, stay tuned for a whole lot more!
oh putin
i wait it on wind
great job
thank you
ooo really Big thanks on the antiquitas update .
The game is already amazing this is a much waited update .
Ps In my oppion Antiquitas has even more potential then my colony .
pss posted report on antiquitas forms fyi
I liked the new update but I started seeing xbox controller button on screen and was unable to place buildings. Please look into this I do not have any relation to an xbox so its nothing to do with it thinking im using an xbox controller
On Win10 have the option to use a controller on a pc
I've been trying out the Reptilians and found some issues. I know it's early days for this race so maybe it doesn't matter:

- no real renewable way to make money except selling water on the market (until Synthetic Crystalline)
- when the large gate is open, population floods in and just consumes food/water. (by design?)
- pretty slow going due to cost of bots
- no way to make ore (yet) beyond starting nodes

I like the concept and the graphics but so far it seems to need a few tweaks.
My YouTube tutorial series:
hmm after this update the game chrashes on autosave and corrupts the data....
thanks dev.
Also downloading the native client does not work since win 10 decides to block it somehow.
using admin rights and still not working
not the 64 or the 32bit version.
bbqme said:hmm after this update the game chrashes on autosave and corrupts the data....
thanks dev.

You are following a game in development this things are expected.
bbqme said:hmm after this update the game chrashes on autosave and corrupts the data....
thanks dev.

You are following a game in development these things are expected.
My Colony

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