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Making money with diamonds and alien artifacts

After the 0.60 update you are now able to get diamonds on every human map and therefore you can now build jewelry stores on every human map. In my opinion jewelry stores are the best money making building because they give you a maximum of 576$ per minute while occuping only one space. They are also very cheap to build and only need 3 workers. (While the investment bank occupies 4 spaces, is very expensive, gives you only 2200 per minute and needs 500 workers)

As for the alien artifacts, after you have built 3 or 4 relic research centers you will start getting a lot of alien artifacts. They sell for about 200 million $ per 100 000 at the star gate. This is a quick way of getting a lot of money if you need to get something very expensive. (Aka buying all the resources needed for the hall of congres.)
What relic research center do you mean? Is it the Giorgio Institute?
I think he means the center for relic studies-

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Yep, sorry, I messed up the name
Wow. I'm still new at this, but am I really supposed to build a dozen archaeological digs, just to wait 40+ hours ?

Because that's how long it apparently takes to get enough for AI, Physics, Manufacturing, etc. Over 5000 artifacts it seems.
@ModeratelyHuge yes, you are supposed to build a lot of archaeological dog sites, a dozen didn't do it for me. however, once you build a center for relic studies, all of them becomes obsolete, as one cfrs produces the same amount.
@ModerateleyHuge You could also buy some or ask/ trade with a big colony to get some.
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dfv123 said:@ModerateleyHuge You could also buy some or ask/ trade with a big colony to get some.

^like that guy
<or this guy lol
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