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My Starship - New Concept Game - Page 4

#31 2018-05-14 13:00:09
Will it be a smart idea to buy premium or should i wait until its out of beta
#32 2018-05-14 13:25:56
coeville said:Will it be a smart idea to buy premium or should i wait until its out of beta

It doesn't do anything yet besides remove ads. Eventually premium will allow custom map sizes, play as other civilizations besides earth, and add the option to import your own ship artwork. There will also be some missions and ship upgrades that are premium only. But again, right now it just removes ads.
Owner of Ape Apps
#33 2018-05-14 13:41:28
Ok if i buy it now will it get upgraded in the future
#34 2018-05-14 14:23:25
coeville said:Ok if i buy it now will it get upgraded in the future

yes, the premium lasts for the lifetime of the apps existence, across devices.
Owner of Ape Apps
#35 2018-05-14 15:50:45
Will the app stay in existence or do you not know if it will
#36 2018-05-14 15:51:01
Since its a new concept game
#37 2018-05-14 19:04:46
Yes it will become a full game, 100%. It is already getting a good reception on the app stores and I just published it to iPhone yesterday.
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#38 2018-05-22 09:39:01
Some suggestion:

The planets are like random placed on the map, is... strange. Is possible to use a more realistic map, with solar system (a star with 4-9 planet in orbit, maybe with different size, just 2-3 type for diversity), plus moon, asteroid camp, nebulas, comets..

harvest: asteroid (metals, ore, gold, uranium.. ecc), comets (water), nebula (helium)
#39 2018-06-11 17:00:40
Just updated My Starship to v0.6.0. Besides 3 new ship classes and some new quests, this update finally allows for saving game progress!
Owner of Ape Apps
#40 2018-06-12 03:07:38
Maybe add an encyclopedia of all the ships, resources, and missions.

I also find it weird that the Zolargs, who are in My Colony have just discovered the wheel have spacecraft more powerful than their overlords, the technologically superior Reptilians. Is there a reason for this?

That is all for now!
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