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My Starship - New Concept Game - Page 8

its a good idea,i love it
I would suggest being able to have the option when purchasing a ship to either trade the ship (current ship buying) or add it to your fleet and if you have it docked on a planet you have to pay a fee for it staying there. You can also store other ships in your fleet in your ship hangers if there's space I.e 1 hanger 1 small ship. This will make it more fun and if you go for the pirate/criminal side of the game you can have a large transport ship which carry a small agile fighter to raid ships.

Another thing is that when you kill a crew on a ship you can raid it after and it stays adrift.
what are the requirements for planets getting new buildings (like the rum distillery). is it just based upon how many of a certain resource the planet gets from trade?

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The buildings they produce depend on what resources they have available VS what the building costs. They prefer to build buildings that line up with the naturally occurring resources on the planet, but if the game runs long enough they will probably eventually build everything.
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ah okay, thank you!
while i’m here, i guess i might as well throw this idea out there.
Do you plan on ever making this online? If so, i just had the idea that i know for my colony you have a thing set up where you can see a solar system view of my colony planets. it would be cool if you could go around and trade with actual players and send small amounts of resources etc.
While it may prove problematic for some “bigger” colonies making it op for some ships and it could errr have a lot of potential exploits, it would be nice once my starship gets a lotta bugs fixed out if it could be somehow implemented into the my colony universe further.

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er could also make it so you can toggle it on and off your preference of if you want to play online or offline as well as when you in my colony if you want to have the chance of encountering starship traders or not

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