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WTF! No new technologies able to be built?

I have 10+ technology’s I have researched that have not given me the ability to construct them. I have plenty of the required resources, and 50+ free builders. These technologies do not require anything else (I checked in the “technologies Wiki” thing). I have tried restarting the game, connected to WiFi, disconnected from WiFi. I have scoured for answers to NO AVAIL! Please someone explain!

I am running windows 10, dell computer Inspiron type.
Also how do I attach a video so you guys can see
Just a quick check that you have tried everything. New technologies aren't able to be built unless you have at least one of all the materials they require, some technologies also require a specific type of bot that you may or may not have (such as the mega bot for large residential complex I believe). Some buildings also require a certain atmosphere level to have been achieved before they become available and last but not least there are some buildings that require multiple researches to have been completed. Can you just check that all of those needs have been filled, check all of them on the reference website you were using before and come back.
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Very strange, my first answer is to check the reference page, but you already did that. Well join me on discord and with my fellow fff members we will get to the bottom of this!
it could be your missing a resource or maybe your atmosphere isn't high enough.
if you need help there are plenty of people here to give you a hand
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Thanks, im sure I have all the nessicary resources for what im doing, im uploading an example clip now, (although Im not actually sure about this particular research but you get the gist). Go to this link:
I am pretty sure that you are missing the required vehicles. Did you get different builders? There are more. Also, in the video its unclear what techs you currently have, as well as vehicles. Please clarify.
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Check what each type of your vehicles can build via the unit menu.

I have quite the same issue with the Center for Relic Studies:
it shows up if I click on the builder, but it's not listed in the main menu
Ok well I re-downloaded the game and it seemed to solve the problem. Lost my save file tho. Thanks for the tips though guys, I tried. 😕
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