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Resources decaying to zero in regions

On regions.
I am getting strange resource amounts after a certain time:

It was all resources that were gifted recently and over the storage cap.

This is what I think happened:
When receiving a gift that's over the resource's storage cap, decay begins as normal but when leaving the sub region, the decay is recorded in its outflows and therefore simulated in other sub regions, then it does not stop when the amount of the resource goes under the storage cap, it does not stop either when reaching 10k.

I managed to reproduce the issue with a wood gift, I have been careful to not build anything and I did not have any building consuming wood.

Native client on windows 10
My colony version .74
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I have also had this problem. I have been careful not to leave a city in regions before the construction costs disappear on the stats page just to make sure they don't linger, therefore the problem isn't related to construction. I also have regional consumption on resources that no building in the game consumes, such as bricks.

This means that we can rule out structure consumption as well. The only other method of resource loss that I know of is decay from resources over their cap. I also gifted over my cap before I had built the proper storage and now when I have built my storage my resources are still draining.

There may be something else at work here though, as all resources are not draining at the same rate. Maybe it's multiplied by how many cities you visited, I don't know. All I do know, is that there is a strange decay happening over regional that doesn't apply to all resources the same way, even amongst those being effected by it.

I hope this can be fixed pronto, because drains like these would render small colonies unplayable simply because they can't outpace the decay.
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Thanks guys. I thought I had accounted for decay, but apparently not :-/
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Just to add to this discussion:

I have a insectoid region with 2 cities, 1 main and a smaller one.
Be it from either city, I observe a 233 aluminum consumption from the region in the stats page, but I'm sure that the smaller city has no building consuming it.
Of course, in the main city, there is a clothes farm, but when I'm on that one, I shouldn't see any regional outflow.
Yes, it's a mysterious problem. I'm getting regional decay from resources that no building in the game consumes. Just putting the issue back on Bast's radar to future fixes
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Same here, with Food (-7693), Regolith (-6382), Steel (-2981), Gold (-6738), Aluminum (-6376), on Resources Statistics page, all resource have storage space (but only in one city, atm i have 3 city).
Hello. I have this problem to.

I make second region (I have 2 medium city) and when i come back my first city,regionals consumable grow up but just "steel".. I have 1100 input in my first city,and i have 1200 output in regionals when i know my second city empty,just have 6 LIS rover and LIS lander building. When i change city and login my second city,consumable go to 0 and i have 1200 region input. So i need stand in my 2nd city,or i lose all my steel.

(sry for my bad english)

I play in Ape Apps v1.1.25,and my colony 74.0

Have nice day!

I still have the situation in 0.75:

Region with 2 cities, the only aluminum consumming unit is the cloth farm in the main city, nothing in the 2nd one.
Statistics page gives me a regional consumption:
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