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My Colony v0.75.0 Released - Page 4

nunez499 said:I've noticed in the outflow of the money resource wages and welfare.
Welfare could be salary and wages the wages set from the policy. Except my wages in the outflow were 5,7mil. I have it set at 10 dollars and I have 200k pop. If every colonist gets 10 dollar
it can't be more than 2 mil. And I have the salaries set higher than the 10 dollars for wages, so something is not right about those figures.

It sounds like you're confusing three things. Welfare is a base pay each of your colonists gets regaurdless of employment, while salaries that you said you have set higher than 10 dollars are added on top of that for colonists employed in those jobs. So if you pay your botanists $10 and you have a welfare of $10, you pay that colonist $20. Since you said your salaries are set somewhat higher than $10, and at $10 you expect wages to be 2 million, if you have the average salary set to $18.50 your numbers work out.
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My point is not about the numbers, but the naming. Welfare = wages (from the policy menu) and wages = salary...
BruceZ27 said:About atmosphere, is it possible to have too much of it?

Yes, I believe you need to keep it under 15m.
When is the next update coming and what is it going to be about?
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