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0.83.0 - auto trader changes for storage UP DATED witha better idea .! - Page 2

I know only few people are at this level, but tbh, you can control your production to match your storage for most resources, especially now that converters are a thing.
If anything, the gravitational compression warehouses should hold more.
If you don't want the resources listed to be auto-traded, turn it off
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yea I went on create only mode and tested so I put in 1000 resource converters looks like what you did really does work .
I am now changing my main first time I ever got over 2 k in ur coming in ( on resource counter )
anyway at this point I have 210 converters on my main and at 2400 on every resource they produce .
besides there is a better way to adjust the auto trader ( hope bast sees this )
instead of messing with storage just have a popout for the auto trader that lets you set WHEN to start selling a resource . Say you have 3 million wheels and 100 million storage . Set it to Start sell up to 10 % at 3 million this would be much simpler tehn revamping storage
colbya said:ps 10 billion storage lol my guess is you starve the warehouses as After they are built running out of tritainum they still work .

lord must be close to 10k of them lol
ps I also dobbled the number of converter buildings with zero incress of resources had around 40 went to around 80 the max I bring in both times is 300 - 350 on the resource counter .

Not only do I have 10b storage but I have 10k trans Tri generators too. So am far from being starved. And I see you again tested the converters and found to see the change in input. I as well have recently started to work on them on my main
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my main issue is at max a extra large map will run at near full speed with around 200 k colonists after that the game starts slowing down .
But with your methed I can up the colonists as its not the amount of colonists that cause the slow down but the rendering of graphics .
ps my laptop had 6.5 gigs ram a radon graphics card and over 2 g prosser so no way its not good enough .

Try running bug water world on a extra large map you want to see how graphics effect the speed lol
so slow only a midsize map runs near good enough to be playable
pss putting every thing on low in settings barly has any effect ( but I will say using the minim recounter bar does help .
thing is watching the numbers go up is my favert thing .

anyway up to 140 k colonists accutly have civic points coming in at 120 k on the counter lol needed alest that much to keep up with the 1.8 million civs to build each converter .
now upto 268 converters ( will add in 500 more triantanium makers after I get a 1000 converters )
during my test I put in 500 of them and 1000 converters and was making over 7 k tri along with 7 - 10 k on every resource .
Just wish I did not need so many investment banks .177 of them lol .
i agree with this thread. Adding a limit to auto buy would be nice.
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