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feed back on regions about compress save

FYI only 0.83.0 all platforms .
as this is not a bug ill post it here .
most people who play regions will not relize .
ok so normally when you start a city you can disable compress save .
Thing is with regions you can do it in the region view .
But when staring a city that city will be set to compress save now alot of people will not know this or just forget .
for a wile i was disabling compress but every once in a wile would forget to do so for a new city .
this seamed to cause save issues as city would be set to compress and region would not be .
no real errors the game just seamed to reset to compressed .

So now i just never disable compressed ( besides it was more realavent when the game saved so slow now it saves within seconds .

anyway you may want to ether take out non compressed or add code so when it is disabled in region each city starts disabled .
Seams to me this could cause a conflict when saving when the game both wants to compress and not compress .
Oh I never noticed that, good tip
@bastecklein think that could be added? Maybe even take the option out completely for the cities and only have it be available in region view?
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I will tie the compression setting of all sub-cities to the setting of the region.
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So hold on I am confused now. I just looked in the code, and the subcities should be taking the compression setting from the overall region. Are you saying that you do NOT want it to work like this>
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No bast i am saying IF you disable compressed in regions view then start a city the city is set at disfalt Compressed save .
which means region is set to NOT compress and city will be set to compress which I found does cause a conflict .
so if a person was to disable Compressed save in regions view then it woudl be best for new citys place to be auto started in NON compressed
or vise verse regions set to compress and city set to not compress .
there should only be ONE opption ether compressed save or non compressed by having is possible to set city's and regions BOTH able to do ether it is causing the conflict were city's do not save correctly .
say region is set to compress save and city is set to NOT compress save this is the issue
As a finly note in regions the best thing would be for the Region view to set compressed or not compressed leaving city's auto set on start for what ever settings the person choose in region view ,
this will stop the city's that fail to load because of the conflict
pss the conflict of city's failing to save correctly is a result of saving city by hand then exiting before the save is complete then regions auto saves as well meaning there are two saves happing at the same time one compressed one that may not be compressed .
The city then fails to complete the save and can no long be entered
ps even auto save can cause the conflict if you happen to exit the city wile auto save is active .
also it may be added that if regions finishes its save BEFORE the city finishes its save that may add into the issue as well .
hopfull this feed back will clear up the confusion
So essentially if the region is set to not compress save, you want it so a new map will not automatically be in compress save?
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its not a matter of what i want in this case this is one of 3 ways that causes the issue of the failed to save city bug ,
((((( A city you can no longer enter .))))
The biggest problem is having two saves happing at the same time one your in city and exit starts saving . two you are now in region view and it starts saving as well . If the region save Finishes Before the city save does the city CAN NOT finish its save so you can no longer enter it .

so 3 different things can cause the failed to save city bug that is one
the second is a city set to compress OR set to NON compress and the region being set oppsite city compress region not - region compress city not .
and 3 city auto saving wile you exit and region saving at the same time .

In order to fix this issue bast will need to have region save wate 5 seconds Before it even starts its save as a FILLED city can take 5 - 7 seconds to save and Regions takes at most 3 seconds no matter how many citys it has .
and have it so what every setting regions is on each city starts in .
And in order for people to NOT mess up there own game as even 5 seconds is forever to them he could add a HUGE saving game WATE splashed accross the screen ,

anyway the biggest most common reason for a failed to save city is regions finishing ITS save FIRST and exiting a built up city can easly cause that issue .
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