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My Colony v0.85.0 Released

I am just putting the finishing touches on the My Colony v0.85.0 patch, which should be going out to all platforms over the weekend. v0.85.0 is the "dark update" and you are about to find out why! Let's take a look.

To begin with, I have thought for some time now that there is a disconnect in the theme of the game between the overall UI and the Statistics and other popup menus, since everything has a dark theme except for the menus. So I have decided to make some changes, and all of the in-game popup screens are now in dark mode.

In addition, the "window" border and mouse-over highlight colors for the new dark mode menus will take the color of your colony theme color. So if you choose Blue for your colony color, the border and highlight color for everything will be in blue. I have also changed the UI font. It's not too much different, but I think this font renders better on lower resolution devices.

Next, I added a new Reptilian structure called the Petroboiler, which converts Ether into Oil. Upon playing Reptilians on the Abandoned World for a while, I determined they needed a better way to get Oil, so the Petroboiler fulfills that purpose.

Speaking of Ether, it is now live and available to trade on the GBT. To accommodate this, Ether storage has been added to the Quantum Warehouse, Gravitational Compression Warehouse, and the Unholy Pit of Stuff.

Finally, Humans get a brand new structure this update called the Advanced Cloning Facility, and believe me, this building can crank out colonists like rabbits.

The Advanced Cloning Facility runs off of Ether and requires Ether for construction, so you will not see it in your construction menu until you purchase an Ether contract from the GBT. You can find the building in the construction sidebar right next to the old Cloning Facility, or you can also do an upgrade on an existing facility.

Those are the major changes for this release. There are a few little things and fixes that aren't worth typing about but they should make the game better nonetheless. As always, thank you for playing My Colony, and stay tuned for more to come!
Every one be be sure to BUILD jobs before you build housing now . Even the speed boosted cloning plant comes in so fast you cant build jobs buildings fast enough to keep up .
This new cloning better have the jobs building built lol .
PS expect a adjustment faze as well as colonists coming in so fast will show effect on stats of homeless and unemployed BUT you can iggy the stats as they will level back out withing two stats updates then start messing with how colonists are feeling .

PS works just fine having them come in so fast the game does handle it well enough .
BTW I can not see the sliders on the pop up stats at all any more .
my as well say they have always been so thine it was hard to click them BUT its partly my eye site so I never said any thing

Yeah baby!

I'm loving this update. Finally the worries of cloning my little worker peasants are over :)

Thank you bast for listening to us! You rock!

Oh, and the race-specific resources are one of the best ideas you ever had. Once more are added it should liven up the GBT tenfold.
Please consider that there's no 0.85 version in the amazon store yet. Take care of us too. Thank you, I really like your game.
Jeanor said:Please consider that there's no 0.85 version in the amazon store yet. Take care of us too. Thank you, I really like your game.

Amazon rejected the patch, and I have submitted another one with some fixes. It is sitting in their review queue. :-/
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Hello, just a tiny little problem with the new theme: the Uneducated stat is now invisible since it's black. Maybe make it a grey color, so we can see it again.
My Colony

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