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Tax Collections and Payroll

Since I got a new computer, I started a whole new game, (didnt want to mess with syncing) and in so doing, I started an online game under Prizm Homeworld. I then was able to become my own commonwealth. I then created a new colony under my commonwealth, yet when it came time for payroll and taxes, they are going to Prizm Homeworld and not my own colony "IO". Is this a bug? I do not want to continue with this as the Prizm Homeworld owner has not logged in since becoming their own charter, which in turn does not pay the colonies under his charter code the compensation for payroll.

Please tell me if there is anything I can do, short of starting yet another colony. :D

Sounds like your second colony isn't under your commonwealth. Open the colonial website in your browser. There it will show if it's under prizm or your own CW.
Ok, i added screenshots, as you can see, IO became independent april 28, I then created Terra Nova on May 3rd, using the charter code of IO. Yet it states its a cw of Prizm? I think there is a bug in there somewhere. If a colony becomes a CW, gains a charter code, then using that charter code wouldnt the new colony become a colony of the newly independent CW?
so if i understand properly Prizm Homeworld is the orginal you then created IO then when that became independent you created terra nova and the problem is that the taxes from terra nova are going to prizm homeworld?
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yes you are correct.
This should be fixed for the forthcoming 0.86.0
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