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THE GRAND SPACE SERIES - Vol.3 <Security & Crimes! MKII>

H3110 guys!

So back into my really big series of ideas, this time I am going to rework my previous version of SECURITY & CRIMES and get attached onto the Grand Space Series.

Firstly, explain how this new utility works -
Like power and bandwidth utility, this security utility is also essential to keep your colony working smoothly. It also has supply and demand, however different from power and bandwidth utilities, buildings will not shut down when you don't meet the demand, instead there is a negative effect, called 'crime outbreak'.
And advanced security will require a new resource - WEAPONS.
Demands comes from:
  • Every single population, one demand for a colonist.
  • Illegal migrant history. One demand per case.
  • Tourism buildings and tourists, while tourists security demand works like colonists, some tourism buildings such as space ports and casinos requires extra security.
  • Buildings involved the luxuries, such as gold, diamond and paintings.
  • Banks, where classic robberies will take place when your colony is not well-secured.
  • Random events (also the main reason that I think this requires rework), such as pirate attacks and crime surges and protests and so on.

The security providers depends on:
  • Security staff employed, 3 per guard (not necessarily on duty, which is different from my original version).
  • Security buildings, it varies.
  • Government level, which depends on level of colsulate/capitol/hall of congress/colonial assembly/command post/high command. At level 0, 150 security points (for Insectnoids it’ll be 200, each mound will also generate extra 100) are provided to secure your early development, and more security points are produced when you have a higher government level.

When your demand exceeds supply, some of your resources degenerates slowly:
  • Exceeds less than 15
    Food and water slightly degenerates. Money degenerates gradually.
  • Exceeds 15
    Money degenerates much faster.
    Approval rating has significant drop.
  • Exceeds 50
    Money, food and water begins to degenerate even faster. Gold begins to degenerate slowly.
  • Exceeds 85
    Gold degeneration is also faster.
    Diamond and painting begins to degenerate. Increased illegal immigration will pressure you to improve security.
    Approval rating greatly drops.
  • Exceeds 120
    All other resources begin to degenerate slowly.
  • Exceeds 250
    Total chaos, your approval rating instantly drops to 0.
    All resource degenerates quickly.

Here are security points providers:
  • Guard Post
    A basic human security watchtower which provides 3 guard job and 15 security.
  • Patrol Brigade
    A 2×2 structure that generates a few more security than a Guard Post (25), but hires more guards (12) to keep your colony safe.
  • Police Quarters
    An upgraded version of Patrol Brigade, which hires more guards (40) and also produces more security on its own (120). Utilizes bandwidth.
  • Armory
    In United Earth weapon distribution is controlled by the General Assembly. If you need weapons to maintain advanced security needs, you have to import them through this Armory. Also, it slowly consumes (a relatively lesser amount of) money to buy the weapons.
  • Weapon Workshop
    As counter-measures to the embargo imposed by United Earth, LIS build weapons by themselves, not just for national military purpose, but also colony security and defense. Uses microchips and steel to make weapons.
  • National Police Quarters
    A further upgraded version of Police Quarters that produces 350 security on its own and hires 80 guards. It consumes weapon to operate.
  • The Hexagon
    Ultimate security structure, one per colony only, for maintaining colony security. (well the concept is from the world famous national security office of USA, The Pentagon.)
  • Barracks
    Insectnoid basic security structure to maintaining colonial order. Does not generate security on its own but hires 25 guards.
  • Watcher Mound
    A small security tower that hires 10 guards and generates 35 security on its own.
  • Guild of Guardians
    Upgraded from the Barracks, this Insectnoid police brigade provides 100 security and hires 25 guards.
  • Loyalty Guardians
    A even better Guild of Guardians that provides 350 security and hires 50 guards.
  • High Hive of Justice
    Ultimate security hub for Insectnoids.
  • I.C.U. Unit
    A very basic overwatching station that monitors the behavior of colonists in an Alpha Draconian colony, and also stationed with guard drones.
  • B.E.H.O.L.D.E.R.
    An AI-operated Alpha Draconian security agency that spies on every activity on each colonist.

Security Policies:
  • Curfew
    Implement a curfew policy to rise your colony security by 25, however this may cause unhappiness.
  • Crime-sweeping Ops
    Consume civics (and 10% of happiness) to temporarily (and instantly) increase security rating by 50.
  • Brute Force Suppression
    Consume lots of civics and some weapons to launch a one-time security policy that rises your security by 150 and stops any protests temporarily, but some colonists might get hurt or even death. Only an option when security rating is -80. Also cause 50% loss of happiness.
  • Outsourced Security
    Hiring foreign security guards at the cost of $500/min to rise your colony security by 50.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
This part's done. If you have any further feedbacks and suggestions, comment it below please.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
the curfew could also cause a decrease in production/productivity
theone4685 said:the curfew could also cause a decrease in production/productivity

Good point, why not make curfew shorten workshift time?
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
When the times are tough (security rating below -250), there’s one more policy you can do - Request Military.
Once you have launched this policy, it will stablize reaource loss and some abnormal activities (including protests). Unless you are able to restore the security rating above 0, your colony cannot do any policy and commonwealth/federation stuff, as well GBT trades.
Your colony will also be temporary under the name of Galactic Emperor. Later when security problem is fixed, debts has to be paid for military, the amount depends on the time used to restore stability.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I like it. Maybe make crime decrease happiness as well?

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