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chrome 1.0.0 when pay roll comes due it is now making number of colonists go to 0 - Page 4

But it's only after 100 people and its affecting everybody
Elijah Long
You know what I just noticed, none of my people go to the medical buildings so the health goes down to zero and every one dies.
Elijah Long
I tried the game out on Steam as well. Zoolarg, local game, population resetting after payroll if the count is 100 or more.

We already know what's append.

Every payday, pretty much every 5-6 min the game will update the colonist data. The number of birth, the aging, death, ecc ecc.

If above 100 population (if below the game will autoset health level), if the health is low (house with healthcare slot below 5%), pop will die, and will appear in total death count. But.. if the house don't have any health service available (health liv = 0), will simply disappear, without trace, if you have some healthcare liv, you will have death wave, and the total death will increase.

If you have healthcare (5% pop, 50 radius from home), you won't have deathwave, or other thing.
The only problem append when we have healthcare, but no one will work inside for low workrating, or when the worker dance all the time between work slot, leaving hospitals empty during the check. For avoid this little problem, i keep the number of jobs less than 10-20% of the total population (e.g. 100k jobs, 110k-120k population).
I have a fix,

Use regions to split into cities of 100, inefficient, but genious
Everyone, I have made code changes on Web client v1.1.0 regarding this payroll/health bug. Please test it out if you are having this issue and let me know if it has improved or if it is resolved.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I don't know, the deathwave still occurs. I believe that the game isn't properly calculating the health data as once it goes down, it never goes back up.
so far, so good on the web app
Im sitting steady with over 1k population in a test world on the web app.
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