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Population disappearing

My population keeps randomly disappearing. there are several symptoms,

1. I can not see any colonists, and it is turned on in the settings.
2. They keep disappearing from the population, but deaths stay the same.
3. I have an overabundance of first aid, recreation, and schools.
4. I have no food, water, or power shortages.

I am playing as UE, red planet, and region.
This is a new region in 1.0.

Please help?
@bastecklein im also having this issue on a few of my maps.
Not sure whats causing it.
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more info: Im on windows 10 PC, and it seems to happen every other payday.
i've noticed that the average health and unhappiness factors are either 0% or NaN% most of the time too, despite medical facilities near housing being unused
To those still experiencing death waves even after going through the steps above, try the following :
1. Only enable 1 or max 2 of your housing units (towers, fantasy lands, etc), and disable the rest.
2. Make sure the medical facilities nearby to the enabled housing are active.
3. If this successfully stabilizes your pop, then you can enable the third housing, wait until it stabilizes, and so on.

I tried this solution on my single map colony, and seems to solve the issue.

If anyone tried this solution, and works, let us know in this thread.
MizarAlcor, what above steps? I tried what you said to no effect.
For android, it seems it has somewhat of a pattern. I'll go from 200 to 50, back to 100 to 50, up and down but always at 50 or 89 or 25. Never diffrent. It also is periodically killing the colonists, and I cant progress because of this. Please fix as soon as you can.
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Build more healthcare building, you need MIN 5% population in heal slot, with the healthcare structure at max 50 tiles from the homes. You will need to build school and fun activity.

I meant the enabling housing unit one by one only, instead of having all housing enabled at start. Have only 1 or 2 housing enabled, and check if your pop can be stabilized that way. Make sure there are sufficient medical slots nearby the activated ones.
I have plenty of first aid stations. I believe something is wrong with the script for colonists. I can not view them, and the setting is turned on. Plus no one is using the health options. They have full employment, but no use.
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