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Vehicles glitching - Page 6

Looks good so far. The bots are building and mining and the tourists are walking around.
The issue looks to be solved for me on Native Client (windows 8.1) with last version 0.43.2...
Might take some minutes to initiate the process ....
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I think the latest native client resolved it for me as well, but the title screen isn't showing 0.43.2, even though I installed it. It's still showing 0.43.0. Is that expected?

Thanks for the hard work to look into this!
I have the downloaded app on my computer, and i still have the same problem .
It´s solved on my LIS ICe world, but not on my Zolarg world. Haven't checked the others yet
They are working :D :D :D
On my Zolarq world they are working better :-) , but still some drones move around without sense and also run to open construction sites only after 0.5 to 1,5 minutes.
The drones work better, when I mark all of them and send them to a construction site it seems. But this is unhandy.
It seems to work fine for a few minutes, after that it stops and i have to do a hard reload (sometimes a few times) to get it working again. It varies between 4 and 8 min.
#59 they started miss behaving again.. They worked just fine earlyer today
lol. You can see what makes this bug so difficult. Sometimes its there, sometimes its not. Some people have it all the time, some people never have it at all, @Ottoich who thinks I am just ignoring the problem entirely.
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