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New feature: Wars

#1 2020-07-01 10:03:36
Since multiple colonies will be sharing a single planet, eventually some of those colonies will get close to each other, which means its only natural for competition to occur. Wars give colonies a way to annex land from other colonies, or to make a colony subservient to your commonwealth (basically annexing the whole colony, making it a sub colony).

In order to fight a war you need a military, which needs:
Soldiers: a unit that is used in battle to take territory and destroy enemy soldiers
Military vehicles: armoured vehicles made attack the enemy, while also transporting soldiers to where they need to be
Military buildings these buildings produce the equipment needed for the military or can act as a base of operations.
Barracks: housing for soldiers when they are not fighting
Training centers: these buildings produce soldiers.
Aircraft: for attacking targets from high up in the sky, or to move soldiers to a far away location.
Technology: you can't build a plane without blueprints, which is why you need your scientists to research military tech. This should be cheap, maybe 1000-10000 science.

Once you have your military, next you will need to declare war against someone who also has military technology unlocked. Once you do this the war starts immediately, so don't perform this step until your absolutely ready.

Here are the rules of war:
Every soldier has 1 goal, to capture as much land as possible, and they do this by standing on enemy territory for 30 seconds. Soldiers can try to capture territory alone, but usually they will fight together in battalions and capture swaths of land as they go. You get to decide where each battalion in your army goes and how fierce they fight by clicking on the spot where you want them to go and then moving a slider that will determine how fierce the battalion will fight.

When 2 battalions encounter each other they will start attacking the other automatically. Eventually one will be victorious, and this all depends on how aggressive , well trained, and well equipped each battalion is. If one is aggressive and the other is passive, then eventually if the passive battalion loses enough soldiers it will retreat. If they are both aggressive however, then after 1 minute of fighting the game will pick a winner based on who had better equipment and training, plus a little luck to make sure rich players don't always win every battle. The losing battalion in this case will be wiped out and any remaining soldiers (the number of which will be decided randomly) will be captured as prisoners of war.

So when does a war end? There are 4 cases:

Case 1:
If you chose to annex some land rather than take over an entire colony, then the war will end once all of the land you designated to be annexed is taken.
Case 2:
If you wanted to annex the whole colony, then it ends when you take the capital building.
Case 3:
You run out of resources or just dont want to continue the war anymore and the attack is declared a failure. This means your troops go home and you get nothing.
Case 4:
your enemy surrenders and you annex their land or their whole colony.

One final note, wars cause damage to buildings on the front lines.

Thats all I can think of for this feature, tell me what you think? Anything else that could be added, or changed?

#2 2020-07-01 14:01:05
^ This is a good idea. I dont think it fits with what bast has in mind though, which kinda sucks. Maybe copy and paste this at the colony wars part of the forum? Idk, I just remeber bast saying something about not having wars in OG My Colony. Maybe he changed his mind? But to add onto this, I think you should require a military to annex land surrounding you and that it should take a bit. When annexing land that's around you, you should be able to be attacked by other players.
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#3 2020-07-01 14:40:00
Nothing personal, but I couldn't disagree more!
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