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My Colony Website Moving

There are some changes coming soon to the My Colony website that will impact individual colonial/regional websites as well as the public My Colony API. Beginning with the release of My Colony v1.9.0, all API calls are being migrated to a new subdomain, and the current My Colony website is moving as well.

The change is as follows:

Current Location:
New Location:

Essentially, all URLs should remain the same, except for the www is changing to mc1. The current My Colony public api will remain at the current location for a few weeks, but will then be going offline, so all API calls should be moved to the mc1 subdomain.

The current primary www domain is going to be reworked as a portal to all My Colony Universe games, including Colony Wars, Colonial Tycoon, Death 3d, My Starship, Deimos, End of the Earth, High Noon, Sarge, and the upcoming My Colony 2. This will include not only information on all of the above titles, but also extensive backstory/lore information on the entire universe and all of the characters, presented in a Wiki style format. The new mc1 subdomain is primarily going to be used to hold colony websites and texture mods for MC1.
Are these going to be changed ? <-- not found
edit: <-- not found

All other links I was able to replace www with mc1
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Admin of the MC2 translation project
@Sobeirannovaocc none of the release notes, screenshots or uploaded texture mods have been moved yet. I am going to do all of that last since it will take the longest, and I only want to move the files one time.
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After the change, older versions won't be able to connect?
Ok @bastecklein let us know
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Admin of the MC2 translation project
Eventually @Ansom older versions will not be able to connect, that is correct. The old API will remain live for a few months after the switch though, to give everybody a chance to migrate.
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What the heck ? API ? Does this Post have anything to do with any colony's we have made ? do We need to do something in order to keep them ?
Migrate what ?
If players are required to do something with a colony to keep it working you can expect about 10,000 complainants as most never come to forms .

And as most have NO idea ( including me what the heck we need to do If anything .
moving to a new website great so what ? we save a back up then import it ?
If so back up saves haven't worked being imported for ages any time i clean chrome totally then try importing a saved back up the game never loads it .

Honestly i thought you quite working on the game . Colonys getting a charter code someone else has . back up saves that cant be loaded .. and the game re saves colony's THE same colony will show 2 or 3 times in your saved ( aka Load a colony area each from a different save Point load the wrong save BOOM louse days of progress )

anyway looking forward to my colony 2 .

The post was made for Sobe (coloniae).. :P For normal player won't change anything.

Player only need to update My colony or / and ape apps launcher like usual.
Looking forward to the refined worldbuilding and lores of My Colony Universe!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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