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Few Problems With Mobile Gameplay

#1 2020-11-22 02:48:48
Been a while since i posted a forum, but i just wanted to get some feedback finally on the whole not being able to mass produced multiple vehicles by entering in the number. For me, on Iphone 8+ that ability is still not working. Also, the ability to bookmark certain buildings does not work. Yes, I have tried double clicking, single click, long press, i’ve tried pretty much everything lol. even changing worlds etc. doesn’t work. not a big deal but it would still be nice if this could hopefully be fixed!
And @bastecklein i know you did attempt to fix this issue a while back, and i’m not sure if it fixed it for other people, but it didn’t fix it for me.

last thing I guess i might as well include is, if it would be possible, i would be more than glad to see some further optimization for mobile, i currently am not able to build regional cities for some of the endgame buildings (research converters to be specific) and the reason for that being if i build more than ten in a single map/city it crashes my game. While for most people this may not be a big problem because they mainly play on a computer and then just switch to their phones if need be when they don’t have access to said computer. However for me, and maybe some other people, I do not actually own a computer or laptop, so I am a pure mobile player.

Also, the battery usage is a tad bit i finally thought i would test out the battery usage of the game and found that even in a brand new game, it drains my battery down from 100% to 20% in about an hour or two. as of posting this, my phone is about two or three years old, and it’s battery health is at 84% maximum capacity. so this kinda limits my ability to really play this game on the go because i have to be next to a charger if i want my phone to stay charged.

i don’t mean to be rude and i don’t mean to rush you or anything but i just thought i would let you know that this is something that some players are having issues with.
I hope you have a good thanksgiving bast! and a world of thanks for providing me modding capabilities!
(sorry for any grammar errors and the uncapitalized i's am on my phone and i’m sleepy)

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#2 2020-11-22 05:25:21
Alrighty @Electrogamer1943 iphones a notorious for not allowing long presses- maybe a click with 2 fingers would be good? Also; if you play on maps with dynamic nature(ie. Trees, crystal, lava) this means the processor is computing *everything*. This means that playing on those maps is always gonna suck, mainly due to phone's lack of main processing power. (Bast, if I'm wrong on any of this, please correct me). Also congrats on mod capabilities! Hope to see you more active👌!
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#3 2020-11-22 05:30:24
Thanks for the feedback, long pressing with two fingers unfortunately does not work either, and i’ve found even on worlds without trees and other “spreading” resources it still does use a lot of battery consumption (regardless of settings). but even then for me atleast is not the biggest of problems haha.

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#4 2020-11-22 14:01:20
The long-press issue has been eluding me for some time, I have tried several things to correct it and none have been successful thus far. It begin with the introduction of iOS force touch, or whatever they call it. I thought I got it fixed on the Colony Wars web app on iPhone, but I need to test more to verify.
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#5 2020-11-24 02:45:53
ah okay, thank you bast!

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