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This is a new concept for MC2 and a change from the original My Colony, so the concept is important to understand. This is still being worked out, but here is how it is shaping out so far.

In MC1, a game could consist of a Region with different subcities, and a region and each city was a defined space.

In MC2, a game consists of an entire Planet, and within the planet are different settlements, which can become any size and can be thought of as Cities (or bases, or anything else).

Behind the scenes, an MC2 world is divided into Chunks, which are 16x16 tiles in size. When a player places a building or lands a lander in a chunk, the game will check if this particular chunk is part of an existing settlement. If it is, then that new building becomes a part of the settlement. If not, a new settlement is created, and the player becomes the "leader" or perhaps mayor of that settlement. Each chunk can only be a part of one settlement, but a settlement can contain an infinite number of chunks. So if your settlement spills over to the next chunk, that entire chunk becomes a part of the settlement. The founder of the settlement gets to pick a name for it as well, and each settlement can have a custom color.

A settlement can be thought of as equal to a single map city in MC1. Power and utility grids are going to be divided by settlements, so the entire planet does not share the same utility grid, but each settlement does. Population is also broken out into settlements, and when a transit network is build between settlements, Colonists will be able to migrate from one to another for better work or living conditions.

There are two kinds of buildings, which are "outpost" and "non-outpost." Really the names don't matter, that is just for development purposes. An Outpost building is something like a Lander, which can be used to create a new settlement. A non-outpost building must be constructed within an existing settlement. To start a new settlement, you will move an outpost type unit, such as a Lander or some future vehicle into a new area and deploy it. If you deploy it in an existing settlement though, it will not create a new one.

Settlements will have distinct laws/policies from each other, and each player on a server can run multiple settlements. Settlement leaders can set the policies, tax rates, etc. Settlements will be able to connect to each other through roads or pipelines to trade resources or buy/sell utilities. Perhaps multiple settlements can even join together to form a country with a shared set of laws/policies/taxes/etc.

This is all still a work in progress, keep in mind.
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Yay!! This is finally getting added. I'll start creating some posts on ideas on how settlements can be governed, functioned and managed in terms of resources
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Settlements will have distinct laws/policies from each other, and each player on a server can run multiple settlements.
I like this idea, and it was in Mc1. The thing is, if you want politics to play a role in this game, your gonna have to lean into it hard. Without a very good incentive, your not going to get anywhere because it will just become another gimmick people have at their disposal. Tldr: Lean into it and make it dependent with the game.
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This time @Luker124 it will be built into the game from the beginning, not bolted on to an existing engine later on. It should be considerably better.
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