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Introducing My Colony 2 Modding

From the very beginning I said that a core feature of My Colony 2 was going to be modding, and today I am ready to show off the start of the MC2 modding engine, which will eventually be fairly powerful. First though, you are going to need the latest MC2 build for this, so if you are on the Launcher, delete/reinstall it. If you are on your browser, clear all caches and service workers and reload. Then you can download this, the very first MC2 mod:

That's right, it's the My Empire mod for MC2 😄, quickly thrown together using assets from My Empire, of course. It's just a small mod to start letting people see what is possible with MC2 modding.

To activate the mod, open My Colony 2 and select Activate Mod from the title screen options menu. The game will transform right before your very eyes, with a new custom title screen, theme, and everything! Fire up a game, and you will notice it looks a bit different:

The game has been entirely transformed, all units, structures, terrains, worlds, and even some UI icons have been replaced. It's an entirely different game.

And now for the cool part - other players can join your modded game, even if they don't have the mod package installed on their system!

Anyway, this is just the beginning, but I am pretty excited about the modding capabilities in My Colony 2. Eventually, starting a mod will be as easy as double-clicking on a *.c2m file on your desktop, so creators will be able to basically distribute their own total game in a single file that My Colony 2 players will just have to download and double-click on to start.

During development, the modding capabilities are open to everyone, but Premium will be required for the final release. Until then though, check out the My Empire mod and let me know what you think!

Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
this is revolutionary
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
Hey there! I cannot seem to get the editor to load images. Could you let me know what the requirements are for the images, so I can upload the ones I have? It opens the window and everything, but when you select the image, nothing happens.
Strange, what kind of device are you trying this from? There is really no image specification, the editor automatically resizes and converts images to the format it needs, so unless you are using something completely outlandish, it ought to work.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I'm using a laptop running windows 10. This issue still persists for me, but it isn't all THAT much of a problem. The editor just doesn't seem to accept ANY images, regardless of format. I have tried transparent and non-transparent PNGs (both with and without interlacing), JPG, JPEG, and GIF. I have tried various resolutions, ranging from 4k to 16x16, and nothing works. I thought it might be a pathing issue, so I tried moving them right to the root of C, but had no luck. I'm just forgoing the use of images for now, and developing the mod until something can be figured out.

I am running the game from the Ape Apps launcher. The launcher is still running while the game runs.
I am using the following software and hardware:

Photoshop CS5.1 (and mspaint when needed)
Voxel Paint
Ape Apps Launcher
My Colony 2 (editor and/or game)
Windows 10 build 20h2
9th generation Intel i5-9300H @2.4 GHz (4 core, 8 thread) CPU (Has intel UHD630 graphics)
32GB system RAM
Nvidia GTX 1660 Max Q w/4GB VRAM
Toshiba 500GB NVMe drive for OS
Toshiba 1TB 5400rpm HDD for extra space
The unit is a laptop
I will continue trying to get it to work, but I am currently out of ideas.
I will look into it, it might be an issue with the Launcher itself. I have been able to add images, but I've been doing it from the web browser.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
It was indeed an issue with the Launcher @phyrexfirestorm , it should be corrected now in v1.6.10 which I have just uploaded:
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Excellent! Glad you got it fixed, man. I will give everything an update, and see how it all goes.

Edited because I cannot english well right now.
All seems to be working. Thank you for looking into the problem!
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