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The Size of 1 Tile

For MC2 v0.14.0, I am adding a statistics section that will tell you the size of settlements, explored surface area, distance between cities, etc., and I need to set a firm value for the size of a tile. I am leaning towards either 5 or 10 meters square for a tile. Wondering if there are any thoughts/opinions on that? Five meters would essentially make a structure such as the Bunkbed Shelter the size of a bedroom, and maybe that is too small? Perhaps 10 meters is more appropriate. Obviously it's a My Colony game so the buildings are not exactly to-scale, but I just want to nail down something for measuring settlement size.
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10 would be the best i think
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Nice, a statistics screen ! Can we also have an option or hotkey to toggle showing boundaries of the settlement ? And perhaps the boundary of the logistics station as well.

For the size I think 10 meters per tile is better. Or 0.5m per voxel so 8 meters. Look at
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