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Create Fires and Fire Departments

Hi. I want the devs to create a(n) Fire departments and buildings on fire. Fires will happen a mere 55% on lava worlds, 0% on ice worlds and 5% for everything else. Fires cannot be on fire departments, or deposits (except trees). I also want to make entities:

[*]Firefighter colonists
[*]Fire truck special vehicle (like the ambulance and the squad car)

Now: here are the build costs (for the small fire department):
1x1 size
Ore +950
Steel +50

Fire Department:
2x2 size
Ore +2500
Steel +500
Gold +350

More info and size and costs of the large fire department are coming soon. I expect a reply from the devs, and thank you all!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
that is a good idea, i like very much
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
ok i think it should be implemented
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
More info:
Large Fire Department:
3x3 size
Ore +7000
Steel +2500
Gold +2000
Microchip +120
Water +300

Consumes: Water:1
Time (ticks):800

Tech: Low gravity manufacturing, Advanced firefighting.

Small: 3
Medium: 8
Large: 25

Built by:
Small: Builder bot
Medium: Advanced Builder bot*, Builder bot
Large: Megabot*, Megabot Deluxe*

*Construction technologies also apply.

Building fire absorption:
Lander: 80%
Fire department (all): 100%
Everything else: 0% (20% if built by megabot)

More shown later!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
I do like this idea, I think it’s very interesting. However it is very difficult to implement a “core” change into the game at this time as there are so many colonies that this addition would cripple due for example having tons of cities in a region. This also wouldn’t mesh too well with the ideas of there being atmosphere on different planets as it doesn’t make too much sense that there would be fires on the moon for example.
This is also why trash and atmosphere have no negative effects on colonists. If this was implemented mannyyyy people would almost be soft-locked as some people are in the trillions in terms of trash and atmosphere

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@Electrogamer1943 I agree with you, though I should still implement this.
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Fire shows up in the Resource bar. This indicates the amount of fire in the city. This DOES NOT have a storage limit, and each fire will produce 0.05 atmosphere/min. The fire spreads at a rate of 2/n/m (where n represents the number of buildings surrounding it). If a building adjacent to a fire department is on fire, the fire can't spread and extinguished instantly. What will extinguish fires are firemen and fire engines. When a fire is being extinguished, the colonywide water will reduce 1 per second. With the Advanced Firefighting research:
[*]Water consumption is reduced from 1 to 0.5
[*]Costs 450 research
[*]Reduces max trash from 1600 to 600, reduces trash chance from 20% to 10%

The fire's do not last last for long, so the proposed burning time is p=(l*w)^2 (building's area squared), where p represents burning time. There will also be an 20% chance to add a random amount between 20 and 1600 trash. Trash will exist as "trash deposits", a mass trash pile that can be cleared by reducing trash (e.g. burning it), and these contain 5-500 trash in it (depending on the burnt buildings size). If a home is destroyed, the population should stay but become homeless. At least 1 person (if within the facility or home) is injured and there is a 15% chance a person is dead in the injured. For example, if you have a population of 1,000 in a building, than it will be 15 mod 1000 = 150 people dead.
More will be shown later!
Reply anytime if you have any concerns or questions.
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth

Submit a model below you drew for the Fire Departments, or reply!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
@bastecklein What do you think? Should we implement it?
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
If any grand new game changing feature gets implemented, it's going to be to My Colony 2, not MC1.
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