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Galactic Board of Trade for My Colony 2

Simple question posed to the crowd, does My Colony 2 need something like the Galactic Board of Trade? If so, how should it be implemented, or differ from the MC1 GBT?
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I personally think yes we should have a GBT. But i think it should be a sort of server based trade. So if your in a multiplayer world with other people, you can build a GBT and it would allow trade. A cool effect i feel would be a nice touch to the 3d aspect of MC2 and the live multiplayer would be to have a sort of cargo vehicle that fulfills the trade.

Hard to explain lol but in the best way i know how to get my thoughts across it would work like this
You have player 1 and player 2. Let’s say player 1 wants 500 wood, and player 2 has the 500 wood. Player one gets on the GBT and requests their 500 wood, and player 2 accepts to give them wood. Player 2's GBT would spawn a cargo vehicle that begins traveling to player 1's colony, and once it arrives, the resources would be given. This would also in the future allow more military options. But that's just my idea.

Otherwise i think just the basic MC1 GBT might be good enough, it’s pretty functional as is, but maybe a price reset every now and then?

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maybe a server option to switch from international trade to server only? that's a good system GGG
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