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Gold Fracking Operation

Greetings! It is Dino, and I have an idea. This has already been implemented into Dino's Tweaks, but I decided to perhaps try to get it in the main game.

So, the gold fracking operation would hopefully solve the gold problems. It is your choice wether or not it requires premium, but I have gone ahead and done a concept model (Note: the concept model IS a reskin of the ore fracking operation.)

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May I ask where is the problem for gold is we have a very efficient gold lab why would we need this
Please God Bast Add this, Literally on water worlds we have to island hop to get any meanful gold. It takes like 2 hours just to get 5k gold with multiple gold labs. PLEASE. Maybe if you want make it water world exclusive or something like it can only be used with salt water, but pleaseeeeee
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SPARKY0303 said:May I ask where is the problem for gold is we have a very efficient gold lab why would we need this

Water worlds and non premium users do have a problem with gold. Even with gold labs, it takes a very long time for water world players (Lack of space lol).

I do acknowledge that there is a gold lab, but non premium users and water worlds still have a problem with gold. This could be a water world exclusive, as Oats said, but be more productive than the labs (And require premium at that.)

Alternatively, it could be the poor man's gold lab, be less efficient than the gold lab, but not need premium. Those two problems are things that I hope that I could address.
The Spice must flow.
What about a Gold Drilling Operation instead for a 2x2? I know it's a necropost, but it was back on my mind.
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