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My Colony v1.26.0 Released

Today I am releasing the v1.26.0 patch for the original My Colony, which should be hitting all devices over the coming days. This is primarily a bug fix release, taking care of several issues that have been identified since the last update. It also now allows for tech/research to be unlocked using Ape Coins, at the same research/coin rate as in My Colony 2. Enjoy!

well thanks Baste . i hope you got the failing to render either water from PNG file corrected .
the auto works but lord fills a 3rd of a region lol
as always you have my support and thanks for a great game heck it was a bargon at what i payed .
my colony 2 is coming alone i like the way you gather artifacts .
i still play antiq lord cant spell it but you know with that .its a nice builder as well
game still will not use PNG file to render either water and such .
honesty alest for lis abandoned world it should be on the online market and be produced by it if the world cant render either any way but auto
Keep up the great patches/updates boss man!
I expect the next update to be big. Keep up the good work!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

keep up the work also you should make it easier for civic generation mid game because i have to build 100's of
imperial propaganda offices and it lags my computer really badly
Investment banks are the best mid game civics generator. Bonus, they also generate money.
Excited to see what all of this hard work will lead up to.
I really hope that something to increase production will be released as well.
My Colony

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