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Extra Worlds Project {BETA}


This is the official updatelog for Extra Worlds, from update 0.2.0b onwards.
The Spice must flow.
Depreciated Version!

Update 0.1.1: Made Sugarland wetter, hopefully fixed Continental's scarcity of fish.
The Spice must flow.

UPDATE 0.2.0b

This update ports the mod over to 0.38, and has a few balance changes to the changes of 0.37, plus a new building.

-Removed Spice Den world restrictions
-This was done due to the fact that modded worlds do not have access to trade, so this change was necessary.
-Reverted most of the balance changes of 0.37 (Primarily because I did not feel like going back and changing everything)
-The exceptions are the GBT change and the Museum fix.
-Added the Tech Office Building
-You may have seen my suggestion of this building, and I still do want it in the base game.
-Tech Office Building cannot be built on Red Planet, as the basic Martian atmosphere is not good for business.
-Also, why in the world would you play Red Planet in a mod that adds loads of new worlds? I don't add anything for it on purpose, nor do I plan on adding anything special for Red Planet.
-Added the Classical Ancient Alien Ore Refinery
-This refinery functions just the same as the regular alien ore refinery, it just uses the old model.
-Added Diamond deposits to Lava Worlds
-Fixed Lander not storing Obsidian.
Also, please use this hotfix companion mod, because I forgot to add Rover to Lava World (I did some under the hood changes)
The Spice must flow.
I like it Dino!

UPDATE 0.3.0b - "The Giant Leap Forward"

This is a MASSIVE update for EW, which includes but is not limited to:

ALL of @GeneralWadaling 's model updates were added to the mod!

New mod Title logo and square icon thanks to @OilChan

New Technology - Elusive Resource Synthesis!
- This tech is a temporary solution to the lack of online trade between games with the same mods!

Veiled might be a bit borked as of now, will be fixed in 0.3.1b

Updated Lava World models

Added multiple new structures!

Buffed the UDDF
- was taking way too long to generate profits, at an abhorrent 104 hours of straight play in the base game!

Spamlandian Television is the default News Server for Extra Worlds, might be subject to change.

Fixed Advanced Microchip Factories

Added World Models for all the Extra Worlds!

Added Earthlike to playable worlds.

A list of currently playable worlds!

Anyways, enjoy this update!
The Spice must flow.
Check out Spamlandian Broadcasting Service (formerly STV) at this site!
I love it!

UPDATE V0.3.1b!

This update contains huge fixes, plus an early implementation of an upcoming building to MC2 0.41, plus a new EW building!

-Added Crystalline Trap

-Added Integrated Colony Clinic


-Temporarily removed Civics and Settlement Level requirements for buildings
-This is to make it work on the dev platform better.
-Temporarily removed Lander Power and Water consumption
-Added Diamond deposits to Mercurean World
-This is because Mercurean depends heavily on solar power to function, and solar power increase is its main drawing point.
-Diamond Miners can now be built by Construction Yards

-Fixed Solar Roads and Hardened Solar Roads not actually being roads on Mercurean.
-Fixed stuff not storing Diamonds
-Fixed Veiled Rover not autobuilding on Veiled Worlds. :/
-Fixed Tap Room not being a public bathroom
(this took an embarassing amount of research to figure this out.)
The Spice must flow.
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