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Extra Worlds Project {BETA}

Hello! I have been working on this mod for quite some time. It features, well, extra worlds!
The Spice must flow.
Update 0.1.1: Made Sugarland wetter, hopefully fixed Continental's scarcity of fish.
The Spice must flow.
UPDATE 0.2.0b

This update ports the mod over to 0.38, and has a few balance changes to the changes of 0.37, plus a new building.

-Removed Spice Den world restrictions
-This was done due to the fact that modded worlds do not have access to trade, so this change was necessary.
-Reverted most of the balance changes of 0.37 (Primarily because I did not feel like going back and changing everything)
-The exceptions are the GBT change and the Museum fix.
-Added the Tech Office Building
-You may have seen my suggestion of this building, and I still do want it in the base game.
-Tech Office Building cannot be built on Red Planet, as the basic Martian atmosphere is not good for business.
-Also, why in the world would you play Red Planet in a mod that adds loads of new worlds? I don't add anything for it on purpose, nor do I plan on adding anything special for Red Planet.
-Added the Classical Ancient Alien Ore Refinery
-This refinery functions just the same as the regular alien ore refinery, it just uses the old model.
-Added Diamond deposits to Lava Worlds
-Fixed Lander not storing Obsidian.
Also, please use this hotfix companion mod, because I forgot to add Rover to Lava World (I did some under the hood changes)
The Spice must flow.
I like it Dino!
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