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My Colony v1.28.0 Released

Today I am releasing the v1.28.0 patch for the original My Colony, and it represents a significant under-the-hood transition of the game, moving away from the Web App Core framework and on to it's own server and domain.

So a few weeks ago, My Colony 2 was transitioned over to it's own domain, and today the original My Colony gets the same treatment. Players of the Web App version of My Colony 1 will need to update their bookmarks or uninstall/reinstall their PWA's to point to the new home of MC1 online:

On top of the URL change, the actual backend game server was also migrated over to new hardware. This change actually took place about a week ago, and since I have not seen any complaints or issues in relation to it yet, I assume that it has gone smoothly.

The original My Colony had a ton of hooks and references in the code to the old Web App Core library, and so there may be some bugs in there that I have not yet found or things I missed in making the migration. Please use this thread to post about any issues you find. If all goes well, I will use the code base of this release to migrate Antiquitas over to it's own server next.

Beyond the migration, the only major change in this release is that players on the Steam version of MC1 are now able to make Ape Coin purchases through their Steam account. Prior to this release, Ape Coin IAP's were disabled on Steam, but it should now be working without issue.

The Future of My Colony 1

I want to take a moment just to dispel any notions that people may have about new future techs or structures coming to the original My Colony. Simply put, there is no new content planned for My Colony 1, and no new game features are planned either. The only things that will be added to the game going forward are limited run premium structures. All future content development for My Colony is focused on My Colony 2.

This does not mean that the game has reached "end of life." It will stay live and available to play indefinitely, and the servers will remain online, operational and updated until I get hit by a bus and die. However, all of the cool new content and features are coming to My Colony 2, as I simply do not have time to focus on both games, and the MC2 engine allows for far greater gameplay and development potential anyway.

I will probably do a new episode of the My Colony Podcast later this week to discuss some of the cool new features coming to My Colony 2 over the coming months, so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, that is today's update in a nutshell. Try it out and let me know what issues you find. The update is live right now on the Web and the Ape Apps Launcher, and should be hitting all other platforms over the coming days.

Stay safe, watch out for busses!
Boat enjoyer
Small bug fix,
the part where it says "sign in" in the menu screen, top right corner, when u click on it, it shows that whole sign in thing, but usually, like the older MC1, you can just click anywhere to cancel and hide that part, but in this case it doesn't.
As a simple UI fix, u can make it so you can click anywhere to hide that sign in menu.
Thank you for the update Bast, and stay safe!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Okay, bugs I've found so far:
Phone: LG K92 5G running Android 12.
All are in LIS, Abandoned World, Region.

1) All LIS landers are "hidden". You can select them, only when you have the screen set to just the colored tiles view. They build what they build, but in the other two views, it's just blank ground. Also, some rovers will drop off to it, others won't; Water and wood won't. Regolith will;

2) Ether comes and goes. On some cities, if I was extracting ether, it shows up. On others, the ether is just gone. No matter the view, it's just blank ground -- that you can't delete or extract from;

3) Severe drought. All water lakes are gone. They can be seen in the colored tiles view, but the water rovers don't want anything to do with them. Otherwise, they behave like the landers;

4) Broken assets(?). On several different screens, pop-ups, etc., the pictures of colonists and rovers show a broken picture icon. This includes buildings' pop-up menus, and the pop-up info boxes for when you move your rovers/drones from one city to another. Also, the "button" on that last pop-up for Undo just says Undefined, and does nothing;

5) Rovers' and Drones' people call to them. Maybe once or twice per colony/game a rover/drone/rover group/drone group goes into The Void (the off map black area surrounding each city). This happens over the course of 3 to 6 months the game is running. The only thing you can do is cycle through the idle vehicles until they are selected, then delete them and rebuild replacements. Since I downloaded the update on the 24th of July, it has happened 17 times. I've stopped trying to move them between cities, and just build the 500 to 2000 in each city.

So far, these are the only bugs I've found. I'm going to go looking into the other civs and map types next. Only the lander/water/ether bugs are bad. The others I can live with and/or work around. But no ether, or water to start a game? The lander is so-so. I can't tell if the colonists who live there are in a Hotel California or not.

Keep up the work Bast. BTW, the game runs Much faster now. Instead of it taking several days with dozens of landing pads and 15 to 20 cloning facilities to push out 10k colonists, it takes only about an hour and a half to two hours. Much appreciated on that.
Sooo, apparently, what I described is what happens when you don't have internet. Nevermind Bast -- so far every problem have fixed itself.
Ok, I think the whole 'sign-in' ui seemed to be a crumb size problem compared to this one.
I can't even sign in, its says I can't login in. I tried on the previous MC1 website, works perfect. This one stutters to get me in to my account. I think this problem to consider before the UI part. It's also critical.
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