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My Colony v1.29.0 Released

The original My Colony has just gotten a new patch and is now sitting at v1.29.0. This update fixes up some bugs that were related to the Federations feature. Patch should be hitting all platforms in short order. Enjoy!

Thanks bast!
The Spice must flow.
Is anyone having trouble logging in at this point?
I just had to get a new phone on Saturday (it's Monday now). Now, I have to be online for it to even start up. Then it seems to have an issue of only logging in if I restart the phone with Internet enabled before I restart. Has all the apps gone to online only now?
I just tried to log back inot my account from my computer and it says my acclunt isnt in the data base, even though i can sign in from my phone. Why??
Will there be any more Ape Coin buildings for MC1 in the near future?
I'm unable to import .mcz file into the game. (Game Data > Restore a Game file). It throws "File not found" error, but the filename seems to be the contents of the save file.

Looking into the source code, it looks like "onGameFileImportNew" expects two arguments: (name, contents). But it's used as event handler that only provides one argument: (contents), so the loading function thinks the filename is the file contents.

I've fixed this by changing the "importFile" function to call the callback with empty first argument: callback("", data);

It would be nice if this was also fixed - I usually play on Android and I can't fix the files there :(
My Colony

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