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My Colony 2 v0.43.0 Released

November is here and with it comes My Colony 2 v0.43.0, the Community Content Dump UpdateTM! What does that entail? Let's find out!

Before looking at the new content, there are a couple of minor engine and other miscellaneous changes here as well. I have fixed a bug where the sell object button was not working. I also fixed a bug where the infantry units were super tiny.

Four existing structures received new artwork in this update. The Spice Den ( @therealchromedino ), the Ancient Alien Gold Synthesis ( @therealchromedino ), the regular Gold Synthesis Lab ( @GeneralWadaling ) and the Ore Refinery ( @GeneralWadaling ).

The Forest World now has 15 new tree models provided by @rahtdrgn . In addition, the Sports Stadium is now also buildable on the Forest World map.

Also thanks to @therealchromedino , we have a new military unit in this update, the Battle Droid! This is a more expensive version of the existing infantry unit, with the same firepower but a higher armor rating and it does not cost any population to build. It also builds from the War Factory instead of the Barracks.

Settlements can now be upgraded to levels 6 and 7 in this update. I am thinking that Level 7 will be one of the requirements for declaring independence and founding a Nation.

The Political Theater research tech is now available to unlock as well.

In addition to the above, this update contains 26 new structures. I will list them out below, along with the user who provided the artwork for each.

New Structures
  • Column of Dominion ( @spamdude )
  • Column of Leadership ( @spamdude )
  • Column of Protection ( @spamdude )
  • Column of Artistry ( @spamdude )
  • Column of Welcome ( @spamdude )
  • Column of Power ( @spamdude )
  • Column of Perfection ( @spamdude )
  • Column of Truth ( @spamdude )
  • Burning Individual Statue ( @spamdude )
  • Blue Brick Road ( @therealchromedino )
  • Jewelry Store ( @RekEm1999 )
  • Basic Family Shelter ( @Architecture1134 )
  • Hall of Congress ( @GeneralWadaling )
  • Restaurant ( @RekEm1999 )
  • Uranium Synthesis Lab ( @therealchromedino )
  • Mart ( @spamdude )
  • Convenience Store ( @spamdude )
  • Dealership ( @spamdude )
  • Mixed-Use Office Block ( @spamdude )
  • Spice Store ( @therealchromedino )
  • Spice Spa ( @therealchromedino )
  • Retro Arcade ( @SPARKY0303 )
  • Dark Solar Road ( @OilChan )
  • Diamond Solar Road ( @OilChan )
  • Oil Burner Station ( @OilChan )
  • Oil Fracking Operation ( @OilChan )
If you enjoy the new content please be sure to thank the above artists for their contributions to the game!

That is all for this update. With all of the new structures added, it may well be that some things need rebalancing, so play around with the new stuff and let me know what you think. There is still a ton of work to do on My Colony 2 and there is no way I am going to get it onto Steam before the end of the year as I had hoped, but that is ok! We will just keep plugging away at it and it will just keep getting better as the months go on!

Thanks for playing everyone, and stay tuned for more.

It's such a wonderful surprise seeing that my Voxels actually made the cut! Let me know how I can continue improving in my work.
so many new models :o
Boat enjoyer
When 0.44?
The Spice must flow.
why rush
Boat enjoyer
I can wait. It's not an issue for me is 0.44 is slow.
I was thinking the statues/columns could give you different buffs depending on the column (for example, column of power increases damage dealt by 2).
Check out today!
reminds me
the column of perfection appears to reuse the column of protection's model @bastecklein
names are pretty similar
Boat enjoyer
I was wanting to pitch that idea as well Buckobenton and Spam!
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